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Went viral: Angelina Jolie is caught running around in tight jeans with her son down the street

Angelina Jolie has decided that her happiest days will continue to be with her children. Accompanied by the second of her offspring, Pax 17 years old, the actress is the protagonist of a curious video that went viral on the networks running down one of the streets of Los Angeles, while making last minute purchases.

The mother of 6 boys continues to make headlines, after she was spotted having dinner with Canadian singer The Weeknd, on a date that gave a lot to talk about as the reason for the superstars’ reunion was unknown.

The London newspaper The Sun revealed that it is not the first date, because the artist had a first contact with the ex-boyfriend of Selena Gomez, on her recent vacation in New York, where there was a meeting in which her son Pax was.

A source informed the tabloid that “Ange has been in contact with Abel (The Weeknd) for a while, he was in New York at the same time as her and the children.” According to the aforementioned media, they met at lunchtime and took their son because he is “a big fan” of the singer.

Angelina Jolie’s “run runs” with Pax

Angelina Jolie was caught by the paparazzi very busy searching for furniture for her mansion. This time, it wasn’t with his best accomplices, his trio of daughters, but pax, who became his best bodyguard when it came to walking the hectic streets of Los Angeles.

Recalling that for years she was the toughest on the big screen, the actress proved that she possesses the best physical conditions, being seen running in a video that went viral on social media.

In one clip, Pax is seen watching the vehicles and taking his mother from behind, as they wait for detainees on a corner in West Hollywood. Angelina tries to cross first and the boy’s insistence stops her, until together they start the crossing of the street giving a small race to the other end.

The scenes are from Saturday, July 3, when the artist in charge of some design work was seen, so she was caught leaving and entering several furniture stores, published the Daily Mail.

Relaxed Oufit

The “Tomb Raider” performer caused a sensation with the outfit she chose for her recent release. Very elegant and jovial was seen in a black jeans style capri “pitillo”, matching a sweater of the same color with long sleeves. Angelina put color to her clothes with flat shoes, in dim pink with which she looked comfortable and very relaxed.

Glasses made of transparent glasses and a black leather bag were part of the fine accessories she wore on her journey.

Pax also dressed casually, wearing a white pulley and khaki pants, along with a white canvas slipper and a plaside print cap.

From outside the store, Angelina was busy and attentive to a phone call she answered, while waiting to continue shopping.

Hours later they were joined by Zahara, with her usual braids picked up and a “total black” outfit similar to her mother’s, to go enjoy a succulent dinner of three in Sushi Park.

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