“We’ve been compared to J.Lo and Ben Affleck”

Anda Anda, about the relationship with Yosif. This year, the singer underwent many changes, she broke up with her husband, and now she is in love with a businessman, who, she says, makes her very happy.

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Anda Anda, about the relationship with Yosif

“I’m fine, Yosif and I were really compared to J. Lo and Ben Aflleck, so we’re fine together, because we’re beautiful. I can say that I am preparing a new song, it is very cool, made with HaHaHa Productiom, I work with Şerban Cazan, Smiley and the guys there, I think this song will be a hit, we are thinking of finalizing it and preparing it the video that will appear very soon, but I can’t say exactly.Lately, I spend very little time with my daughter, because I participate in the show “Bravo, you have style, Celebrities”, from Kanal D, but I try on the days when I don’t have filming from morning to evening to spend more time with her. Now she stays with the nanny, when I’m not home, the child is with me after breaking up with her ex-husband

“, Anda Adam declared for Click.ro.

Anda Adam was proposed to

The singer admitted, live, in a TV show, that she is preparing to become a bride again. “I wanted to show that I have a very nice ring. I meant that my mysterious boyfriend was born on Valentine’s Day, where I come from.

The story is that he invited me this year, he chose to celebrate his day only with me. I received a rose and an engagement ring. He’s French, so I can only say Voila! I actually left that ring at home, because it’s too expensive and I was afraid to take it. It’s in the safe!“Said Anda Adam.

From the moment the two assumed their relationship, they did not separate, holding it only on a vacation, a sign that things are going as well as possible. “Even if you are successful in your career and in other fields, I think that if you don’t have that happiness when you open the door and get home. You are happy, but not completely.

I think that this half, which completes us, also matters a lot in the projects we have. He supports me very much from where he is“, Said the artist.


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