“We’ve tried everything and it’s still not enough”

popular actor known for his movie legend believemade some statements about the world of live-action movies, and according to him, dragon ball It’s a big source of inspiration for his films, but it goes to show that the live-action world has yet to succeed in adapting good anime to film.

While Jordan certainly hasn’t seen the final piece on Netflix, The truth is live-action movies still suckand Dragon Ball: Evolution As he expressed in an interview with Konbini Media, this is still the best example.

We haven’t achieved that yet, and we’re still waiting for someone who will.Won’t be me, not yet, but I do put some stuff in creed 3 to see if I can make it work without being dragon ball evolved“, commenting on Jordan in the interview.

Even though we didn’t know it, Jordan was a huge fan dragon ball and wanted to add a wink to the series he grew up with, but no recurrence evolutionLive-Action Hollywood Black Sheepalso commented that translating anime tropes into movies is complex, so this limitation means not everything is a box office success or just good.

At the moment, this adaptation has not yet come and will change public opinion as a whole, although the only notable example is apparently, pieceit’s still an adaptation that hasn’t quite convinced critics, and more examples are needed to find its way to the perfect Hollywood adaptation.

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