What a coincidence or causality?: This is the reason why Kylie Jenner bursts of fury!


The family Kardashian this is a constant theme in the mouth of all, surrounded by scandals, but also involved in donation campaigns against the COVID-19 they are always on trend. The band of the family, the more powerful the united States becomes theirs again.

The controversy of the day is generated around Kylie Jenner. In a discovery creepy came to the conclusion that her ex-sister-in-law Angela White went under the knife again to get closer to the traits of the millionaire. The repeated operations of this seem to be totally intentional with the aim of provoking anger.

Let us remember that ‘BlackChyna’ –her pseudonym – was separated from his brother Kylie Jenner after a troubled marriage that left demand for the tenure of their daughters, and division of property. After several fightsa judge ruled that no one of the family Kardashian can get closer to the influencer. This would be the reason why the young Jenner did not make a statement about it, nor the will.

The war among the women not referred only to the divorce complicated, and the modifications to the face to be the same, but also includes another man. The singer Tyga is the dad of the eldest son of Angela and at the same time was a boyfriend of Jenner. I cute little problem to solve! For the moment it is known that, although abounds with furyKylie will keep his comments in order not to harm his brother.

Meanwhile, the daughter of Kris Jenner it showed strolling with the chauffeur of the family to go visit her friend in the midst of the pandemic by the coronavirus that he attacks without mercy in the world and mainly in the united States. Dressed with a look ‘home’ of big clothes, fabric joggins and without a drop of makeup was able to see the influencer smiling and barefoot.