What a good that gives all of us the Coronavirus


The son of the Legend, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., returned to give the talk of their social networks, to touch on the topic of the pandemic coronavirus. It is not the first time the controversial boxer.

The mexican fighter criticized those who “think that money is going to save the Covid-19” and mentioned in their stories of Instagram that this will be a learning many.

“How good it is that the coronavirus can give us all to see that what fucking material not used for anything. There is always that trust in God is the only thing that can take us forward,” he says.

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Also, Chavez Junior asked that the people who have much money give it to be able to find the cure to the disease that is plaguing the world.

““Who give all the money to us curemos all and then we win the triple,” said the boxer of 34 years.

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