What a piercing there hidden? Alexis Ren yes dared to get one


So discreet as always in his private life, Alexis Ren dared to make public at the end of last year his courtship with Noah Centineoa couple of cute formalized their relationship on the red carpet, what says glamour in pure state.

The influencer been laid off a year that you have been treated very well in all aspects. Made public its problems with the power under the pressure of being considered a perfect body, regained weight and health with a personal trainer and increased its recognition as a stylist sui generirs at the time of combine garments and outfits, How Alexis has many reasons to celebrate!

A rebel by nature, Alexis it refuses to follow the rules set forth by their profession of model starring covers animated of video games and decorating your body with piercings!

In one of his last publications in the u.s., taking advantage of the euphoria of the Christmas season he has taught the place in which you have placed the ornament and that will cause more than one to put hands to the mouth.

Near the tip of the tongue it has been the place that the mannequin has been decorated with this accessory. With star-shaped and of a size somewhat greater than the usualso is the piercing you have chosen Alexis.

Will you share Noah the taste of the performer for this type of add-ons?

To view the publication, it seems that Alexis is not worried in the slightest what you think of anyone, your partner included. The actress is safe of your choice and the form is chosen to make it publicalthough this may not be on the red carpet or in the presence of thousands of targets.

One more way of calling the attention of a famous the who does not lack to generate controversy but enjoying doing it, even if it is in the form of a piercing.