What a spectacle the derby was on the radio. Sainz, red and cold blood

I won’t give up the stadium. This was not in the agreement. When my team plays, I organize myself into a column, but I won’t be able to miss it. This is a promise. I’m not interested in the derby, and then I wouldn’t know how to watch it. Like in the press gallery? No, I’m not going to. Choose Pisa-Bari in the corner, not in the Milan Derby with super wow in the stands. Hard to explain. I won’t go to the stadium even if I find a place on the bench with a caviar dinner at a table with Obama AND Charlize Theron. Maybe in that case I would go even if only one of the two were present.

Returning from the sad draw in Pisa, I rediscovered radio. Beautiful. Much better than TV. This creates an unnerving tension in you, even if you don’t maintain it. Inter defeated Milan. Commentator Rai is extraordinary Francesco Repice which takes me back to when we saw Sunday through Ciotti’s eyes and what wonderful eyes they were. I listened again, became curious and admired (and I encourage you to do so) some of the tracks preserved on YouTube. Sandro Ciotti this is similar to the description of the Cesare Pavese stadium. Pure talent.

The talent and courage he demonstrates Carlos Sainz, with red and cold blood, he deliberately lets those who follow him close in order to gain an advantage through aerodynamics… difficult to explain in a few lines. It is difficult to explain the difference between the Ferrari workers celebrating the anthem under the podium, and the Sigifer workers with five comrades, depressed and killed at work, and layoffs on the doorstep without direct blame.

Well done Azzurri Davis Cup. Well done to the Italian volleyball team. However, a silver medal is a big plagiarism. It always leaves that unpleasant taste of defeat in the mouth, which is not satisfying, like bronze… this is also difficult to explain in a few lines. Anyone who has played sports knows what I’m talking about.

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