What about Messi? Cristiano Ronaldo features in new SEP textbook

SEP includes Cristiano Ronaldo as inspiration for academic and sporting skill development

In the world of football, there are some names that shine their own light and one of the most famous names today is Cristiano Ronaldo.

His achievements on the field have propelled him to the pinnacle of the sporting world, and his influence has even reached the classrooms of Mexican schools.

Ministry of Public Education (SEP) include beachOr in one of his textbooks this school year, recognizing his global impact on sports and his importance as a role model.

CR7, a global icon, is now in Mexican textbooks (Cristiano Ronaldo)

Specifically, the Portuguese striker’s photo can be found on page 54 of the book. “Our knowledge”for fifth grade primary school students.

On this page, students will be able to find relevant information about CR7 that goes beyond his abilities on the court.

The text provides details such as his shirt number, age, nationality, height, position on the field and the number of goals he has scored for the team portuguese national team.In addition, his impressive achievements were highlighted, including in Champions League, Club World Cup, Ballon d’Or and European Cupand his versatility in different positions on the field.

This content in the textbook is designed to inspire students by showing them how to develop and use tables to organize and present information effectively. Cristiano Ronaldo is an example of success and persistence, while emphasizing the importance of mathematics and data representation skills in education and daily life.

Fifth graders will be able to learn more about CR7 in the textbook: What We Know Image Credit: @danielhc240

It was through a TikTok video that this fact went viral, in the case of CR7, users quickly filled the video with comments about the footballer, expressing their admiration for him, here are some of them:

  • “Messi did not appear because the book was not produced by FIFA”
  • “Someone urgently sold me a fifth grade book.”
  • “FIFA chooses its idols. “The world chooses its own”
  • “SEP does not want to be left out of history and we all know who GOA7 is.”
  • “Well, I thought the SEP books were so bad, so bad, well, they weren’t”
  • “This error also came in my fifth semester high school English book, yay”
  • “Is this a book or a Bible?”
  • “Yes.”
  • “I want it, I need it”

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