What are couples and when does it start

Less than a week left to start Temptation Island 2023, After starting the shoot at the beginning of the month, the shoot will wrap up in the next few days. The duration of the program is 21 days.

When does temptation island start

The 2023 edition of Temptation Island, a reality show hosted again this year Philip Bisciglia, starting Monday June 26th. The appointment is on Canale 5 from 21.20.

where is it set

Also this year there are seven couples to welcome and many seducers and seducersMorus is RileyA luxury resort in Santa Margherita di Pula in Sardinia that was also the scene of all other editions of the Maria de Filippi reality show.

who builds temptation island

Reality show production house The charm of Maria de Filippi, which then sells the format to Mediaset. which broadcasts it on Channel 5.

Temptation Island Theme Song

There are several songs that are part of the Temptation Island soundtrack, but the program’s theme song has always remained the same over the years: ‘I Love the Way You Lie’ by Eminem and Rihanna,

couples of temptation island 2023

couple Participating in the new edition of Temptation Island Seven, Mirko and Pearl (Engaged for five years. “For the love of Mirko, I moved from Salerno to Rieti. But he has been indifferent for two years, he does not excite me.” “I see a wall in front of me he replies), Ali and Federico (They’re from Trieste, they’ve been living together for three years. “I want more certainty, a marriage and a family. We want different things” she underlines. “We don’t want more different things than that” he adds), manuel and isabella (Employed for three and a half years, he comes from a popular neighborhood while she has always lived in the center of Milan. “We can’t find a meeting point on the direction to take”), Daniel and Victoria (They’ve been together for four years, she’s been “pressuring” him for about a year to have a baby. “But we actually argue a lot” underlines Daniel. And in the presentation clip they argue), Francis and Manuel (together for two years and four months, “Manuel has left me about five times since we’ve been together”), alexia and david (they have been engaged for 11 years, Alessia has had an affair with another man and David wants to see if he can forgive her) and Gabriella and Joseph,

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