What are the activities that will continue to operate with the public health emergency of COVID-19 in Mexico?


Mexico.- Many doubts came with the administration of declaration of health emergency by COVID-19 in Mexico.

The main, which sectors will be able to continue to provide their services to the population, so it is important to state this.

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Essential activities that will be able to continue to provide its services:

1.- Economy: financial, taxation, distribution and sale of energy as petrol, gas.

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2.- Services: Generation and distribution of drinking water, industry, food and non-alcoholic beverages, food markets, supermarkets, convenience stores, grocery and sale of prepared foods.

3.- Services of transport of passengers and cargo.

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4.- Agricultural production and livestock, agribusiness, chemical, cleaning products.

5.- Messaging services, hardware stores.

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6.- Guards working for private security, kindergartens and institutions for children, stays for seniors, nursing homes.

7.- Telecommunications and media information.

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8.- Private services (emergency, funeral, and burial.

9.- Storage and cold chain of essential inputs.

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10 – Logistics (airports, ports and railways.

11.- Activities for which suspension may have irreversible effects for its continuation.


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The Secretariat of Health indicated that in the next few hours will send a general listing of essential and non-essential in order to clear doubts.

It is important that those who work in areas not described above limit their mobility in the streets; as it has been recommended to go to the super a single person and avoid groups larger than 50 people.


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