What are the consequences of passive smoking in dogs and cats?

Cigarette smoke contains very toxic particles that are harmful to any organism that inhales them. Just as it acts on humans with rather negative consequences, it can also act on our dear and beautiful ones. pet who share a home with us. What are the consequences of our pets’ close exposure to nicotine?

What are the consequences of passive smoking in dogs and cats?

It is important to remember that our pets may also be at the same risk as smokers, as secondhand smoke contains substances that can irritate the lungs, eyes, throat, and produce some cellular changes that increase the risk of cancer.

That’s why this fume can have rather alarming consequences for animals, such as irritation, itchy eyes, and conjunctivitis. Unfortunately, this harmful substance remains on clothing, hair, drapes, toys, and different surfaces in smoking places. Companion animals may therefore be at high risk, as these toxins may penetrate their skin or hair, and they may suffer serious health problems due to this close contact.

First, in the sense that dogs can suffer from bronchitis, asthma, and some cardiovascular disease. Those with longer muzzle canines may be prone to nose or lung cancer. In the case of cats, since these substances may also be floating in the air and thus may stick to their bodies, they may develop tumors. The moment a feline grooms itself, it swallows them, which can contaminate its mucous membranes with serious consequences.

Nicotine poisoning can occur when pets ingest nicotine or drink contaminated water. It also happens when they consume a certain type of chewing gum to quit smoking, This can really cause serious inconvenience to your health.

It is important to remember that animals may exhibit various symptoms such as Drooling, seizures, constricted pupils, vomiting, heart attack, kidney failure, and diarrhea. In this sense, the best course of action is for the owner to stop smoking or to smoke in an area where pets cannot enter to avoid health complications and unfortunate consequences.

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