What are the flashlights that bodyguards carry their clients with?

Some bodyguards are using flashlights to protect their clients. The goal is supposed to be to annoy the paparazzi but, as one particular blog points out, this new technique doesn’t seem to be very effective.

last video Leonardo Dicaprio, The Oscar-winning actor (yes, the meme is gone) is in Paris, getting off the car in front of his hotel. One of the bodyguards walks out before him, and starts shining a flashlight at the photographers emits light vibrations Continuous. There’s a lot more coming out on TikTok. is in a video Kylie Jenner Hanging out with my family. In the same motion, the bodyguard points a flashlight at the photographers crowding behind a low wall.

The trend seems to be getting so widespread that the blog specializes in personal security. Executive Protection, Back to Basics (originally a magazine for bodyguards) decided to dedicate an article to him. Here’s why the method chosen by the bodyguards filmed in the video is visible, but not exactly functional.

Because photographers can’t be stopped with flashlights

The concept on which the entire explanation of the blog revolves is quite clear: paparazzi are professional photographers And they have equipment capable of shooting close-ups from hundreds of miles away. They hardly have any problem with pulsating light. This blog also reports statements from an unnamed retired paparazzo, J.

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According to Jai, there are two technical problems with this method. the first is that the light is effective it has to hit the photographer’s lens exactly, This is difficult because there is often more than one photographer waiting for a VIP, and so the cameras are set up at different angles.

The second is that digital cameras are easily adaptable: they adjust to lighting conditions accordingly.flashlight intensity Or take a second shot to take advantage of the darkness between flashes. So the only utility seems to be wasting videos, which are far more useful for social networks than for photos. In fact seeing them in constant flash is quite annoying.

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