What are the highlights of the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup?

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Germany wins FIBA ​​World Championship with great Dennis Schröder

The new Raptors player scored 28 points to help the team defeat Serbia 83-77.

Here at ESPN.com, we’ve chosen eight featured topics to relive the magic of a fantastic tournament that ended with Germany’s first world title.

The 2023 World Cup in Japan, Philippines, and Indonesia has ended. ESPN.com We’ve chosen eight featured songs to relive the magic of a fantastic tournament that ended with Germany beating Serbia 83-77 in the final.

The win meant Germany was crowned world champion for the first time in its long history.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

The German team defeated Serbia 83-77, which means that the German team won the world championship for the first time in history.Effie

Dennis Schröder leads Germany to title

We could face one of the best world champions of all time. Not just because they haven’t lost a single race, but because, a priori, there are other candidates who look stronger than them. But in sport, it’s not enough to say it: you also have to do it.

Schröder, leader; Franz Wagner, paintbrush; Daniel Theis, work and sacrifice; Mo Wagner, strength and determination, Andreas Obst Andreas Obst), Target. But they are not just individuals, they are a team.Compact, with clear roles while also taking into account Isaac Bonga and Johannes Voigtmann were the two key figures who did the dirty work.

Discussion between impeccable head coach Gordon Herbert, Schroeder and Theis during the win Slovenia Luka Doncic. Sometimes what seems like a conflict is a turning point for growth and progress.that happened in Germany. They got over it.

We’ve all seen it.

It’s time for America to reflect

Seven games were played.three consecutive losses Lithuania, Germany and Canada.The team is led by Steve Kerr He didn’t even win a bronze medal with 12 NBA players on the team. “Basketball has globalized over the last 30 years. These games are difficult, we’re not in 1992 anymore. The players are better, the teams are better, and it’s not easy to win the World Cup or the Olympics,” Kerr said. Press conference after losing to Germany.

people say USA He doesn’t take the World Cup seriously. But this is only half true. The players on this team are the stars of the team, the coaching staff is elite, and after finishing seventh at the 2019 World Cup, Gregg Popovich First and most importantly, win the 2021 Beijing Olympics after losing a game in the first round. Japan, the Philippines and IndonesiaThis isn’t just a warning sign, it’s a warning for the future: if they don’t bring out their best players, it will be difficult for them to win again.

Kerr said this, but everyone knows it: The days of winning with a jersey are over. You have to compete in tournaments, train hard and not underestimate the world. The sport that once belonged to them now belongs to everyone.

Let’s just say things are as they are.

South Sudan: Jamaica’s sub-zero 2023 World Cup result

For me, this is the best story of the World Cup. Political aspects: South Sudan It declared independence on July 9, 2011. It is the world’s youngest sovereign nation but has been in the grip of civil war since 2013. This country is filled with everything bad: hunger, suffering, and repeated war crimes. Luol DengAs president of the federation, he is responsible for developing the country’s national basketball program, which joined FIBA ​​on November 24, 2013. He committed, struggled and always moved forward.he signed his friend royal ivyassistant coach and head coach of the Houston Rockets.

But before that, he also coached the Stars in two of the four windows in the African qualifiers because Ivey was unavailable due to his role as an NBA assistant. The former Bulls forward used all of his connections to give the best to the land of his birth. Subsequently, he successfully signed NBA-level talents such as Wenyen Gabriel and the naturalized Kalik Jones.Appear Carman MaruachA 16-year-old young man, a refugee from Uganda, trained at the NBA Africa Academy and participated in this World Cup. He is preparing to enter the 2025 NBA Draft.

South Sudan, which began training in flooded outdoor venues, has secured a ticket to the 2024 Paris Olympics. It’s a triumph of humanity over adversity, a sport that thrives in a hail of bullets. A united team, with conditions, brought hope to a suffering country that needed such joy to have hope. believe.

Sports miracles exist. This is a clear example that will continue for some time.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s takeoff and Dillon Brooks’ redemption

This is real, Canada He had everything it took to be a champion, but he couldn’t compete for it. However, it was a great experience for the team on the ladder to success. Jody Fernandezcomposed of a large number of young people playing in the NBA.

We know one thing for sure: Shai is a future star with a great gift. He is sharp, creative, and technically proficient, and his hands never shake at important moments. A great player who will have a lot to talk about this season against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Attention all NBA fans.

We also changed our minds about Dillon Brooks.The Memphis Grizzlies forward showed off his ability to be an elite defender and provided plenty of help Canada at critical moments (against USA to get a bronze medal). He showed that he was more than just the controversial figure who wanted to get rid of LeBron James, and not only did he fail in his mission, he ultimately paid the price for his immaturity. He said he was playing a character, but if it was, it would be ideal if he modified it. Not only does the role of villain not bring him any benefit, it actually hurts him.

Canada It has a lot of future. I see this story not as the end, but as the beginning of something more important.

France and a forgotten piece of paper

what happened France The 2023 World Cup is a sporting disaster. Yes, there were casualties, but for a team that boasted top players in the NBA and EuroLeague and was an Olympic runner-up, not getting past the first round was a complete failure. “It’s a nightmare for us,” the manager admits Vincent Collet.Which is totally understandable, because first, a 95-65 defeat Canada It’s embarrassing. Secondly, I lost to Latvia After leading by 13 points in the fourth quarter — and with Rudy Gobert in the mix — it was the closest thing to a nightmare we could imagine.

They will be homegrown at the 2024 Olympics and have a prime chance to reverse this pale image. To do this, they must go all out. what does that mean? Also joining the team are No. 1 overall pick Victor Wembanyama and Joel Embiid, who recently received French citizenship.

There’s no tomorrow for Bruce.

Luka Doncic is an incredible player, but he has to change

We all love Doncic’s game. No one doubts his talent, his passing ability, his transition ability, but one issue must end now: the world does not revolve around him. Doncic plays like a Sun King, and the same thing that happened to him last season with the Mavericks in this World Cup against Slovenia is happening to him: When things don’t go right, it’s always someone else’s fault. Mainly from referees.

Doncic must work hard every day to overcome this recurring frustration. Sometimes others are just better. Sometimes the opponent’s defense is clean. This is not always a mistake, nor is it always the fault of the context.

Accepting your mistakes is the first step to correcting them.

If they convince Jokic, Serbia’s future will be very difficult.

They reached the 2023 World Cup finals with a solid, no-nonsense team game, in line with the usual codes of Balkan School, which has always been a model of this discipline.Experienced leadership Svetislav Pesic It was crucial to produce a game concept with Bojan Bogdanovic as the star player, but always with strong support from young Nikola Jovic, Nikolay MilutinovAleksa Avramovic and others.

very serious injury Borisa Simaniclost kidney after undergoing elbow surgery Nouni Omert playing against South Sudan, was a factor, but the team never gave up and rallied together for a cause. He’s not good enough to become a world champion, but facing Paris 2024 the prognosis is encouraging: can you imagine adding Nikola Jokic and Alexei Pokusevski to the structure ? If this is achieved, we will be one of the great candidates to retain everything.

Latvia, a big surprise of the World Cup

Kristaps Porzingis not here? no problem. Latviawith the coach Luca Bianchi Taking the lead, breaking previous predictions and successfully entering the second round of the World Cup Manila After winning a magical game Spain 75-69.

Not only that: it happened that he failed to reach the semifinals after losing to the world champion, Germany,71-69. One of those stars, Davis Bertans, had a winning triple but missed it.

Point guard Artus Zagas is one of the greatest players of this World Cup. He hasn’t put together a team yet, but his name has attracted the attention of several elite European teams and even the NBA.

Anyway, apart from personality, Latvia Play as a team. He defends hard and knows how to distribute goals: Andrejs Grazulis, Roland Smits and Christ ZoricksAmong them, scoring is important.

Latvia Finished fifth after destroying Lithuania The 98-63 game sealed their position. Artus Crooks He scored 20 points, while the disgusting Zagar set a record with 17 assists.

That’s a huge plus for a team that, to be honest, doesn’t raise any eyebrows among experts.

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