What Are The Measures Of Yanet Garcia?


For nobody is a secret that Yanet Garcia is one of the presenters most beautiful of the television. Although at present is far away from the small screen, the years that she was at the front of the block of the climate of the program “Today “may not be easily erased, and one in specific was in the minds of their followers as well as in the of it as something that I would like to delete.

In full quarantine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the Mexican model is sharing on their social networks some routines to stay in shape during the confinement, especially legs and back, your main taxes physical.

To maintain your enviable figure, in addition to good nutrition, Yanet Garcia carefully monitors the exercises that you perform daily. The measures, which exhibit mainly on Instagram are the result of so much care.

What exactly are these measures? Then, zoom in a little.

Yanet Garcia reappeared in “Today”, Televisa


Yes, the current measures of Yanet Garcia only know herself, but some years ago, left the drivers of a television program to record their numbers in live and direct.

When you first started your career, the ‘Girl of the climate’ was part of the cast of the program “Gente Regia”, where it was subjected to the tape-measure two-conductor male.

In a video that you can see today in YouTube, visibly nervous, not to say uncomfortable -at least, that was clear from her smile-, Yanet Garcia it is approached by the drivers, who take the measures of your bust, waist and hip.

What are the measures of Yanet Garcia? (Photo: Gente Regia / Televisa)


At that time, Yanet Garcia was a little thinner and the measures that yielded were the following:

  • Bust: 91 cm
  • Waist: 54 cm
  • Hip: 91 cm

To her followers, obviously, these measures may have changed. Thanks to a balanced diet and routine exercise have been known to mold better to your body, to the point of becoming one of the great stars of Instagram.