What are the most popular tennis brands in the world?

the sneaker industry or tennis growth has brought its value to approximately $75 billion.

Under this term, the market tennis It has been shown that changes in recent decades have made them cultural symbol Brands that adapt successfully are positioned as market leaders.

However, there are several brand and successfully found its place in consumer favorite Today, they are a must in every store in the world that sells such shoes.

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The most popular sneakers in the world

According to the data Statista Market Insights, nike are major players in the industry because globally, they have Accounting for 18% of the global market.

The list is continued by its “sister” brand, Jordan, Since its surname is a basketball player, it has become a symbol of sneaker culture, Michael Jordan 40 years.

Here are 5 brands leading the Tennis Market Preferences:

Nike 18%

Jordan 11%

Adidas 9%

Skechers 7%

7% for trucks


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Nike, the most valuable in the world

Data processing and analytics company Kantar has released The world’s 100 most valuable brands list. These are the most powerful companies in the world with a combined valuation of $6.9 trillion and growing every year.

As far as sneakers go, Nike is best positioned because it is $74.89 million.

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