What are the popcorns that Cofepris raises alarm about?

this Federal Council for the Prevention of Health Risks (Cofepris) Alert on consumption ‘Pops”, products intended for recreational purposes have become popular among teenagers and young adults. These products are sold in liquid form, packaged in vials, and consumed by inhalation. This is a wake-up call for agencies healthyas they are products that function as psychoactive substances, they may lead to vulnerable situations for young people.

According to the 2016-2017 National Survey on Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Consumption, 10.3% of Mexico’s population aged 12 to 65 have used an illegal drug or medical medication once in their lifetime. Both types of drugs increased compared to results reflected in 2008 and 2011. Currently, this research is no longer conducted, which is why people are unaware of the practices and consumption of the above products.

Cofepris is an institution healthy Designed to protect people from risks healthy caused by the use and consumption of goods and services and production inputs healthy.In this context, Cofepris emphasizes Pops They can irritate the respiratory tract and cause chronic cough, bronchitis and lipoid pneumonia. and eye injuries, visual impairment, and vision loss.

What are they and what are their uses? Pops?

According to the Spanish government’s Ministry of Health, Pops They are colorless, odorless liquids sold in small glass bottles for inhalation. They mainly consist of amyl nitrite, butyl nitrite or isobutyl nitrite. These can create tolerance and have a short duration of action, making them dangerous drugs with a high risk of poisoning from overdose.

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The Spanish Government Ministry of Health added Pops They produce a stimulating and vasodilatory effect that can be felt within minutes of inhaling the substance, giving a feeling of euphoria, relaxation and increased desire for intimacy. These symptoms are short-lived and may cause feelings of fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate, and high blood pressure.

Relox Clinic recognizes some of the signs of poisoning and overdose, such as confusion, bluish discoloration of the mouth or tongue, difficulty breathing and fatigue, difficulty speaking, seizures, difficulty concentrating, fainting, and loss of consciousness.It matters in the long run Pops Cognitive decline affects memory loss.

Why Kaufipli Be vigilant about Pops?

this Kaufipli Represents a list of compounds found in Pops details the impact on healthy. It therefore calls on the Mexican public not to obtain or use these substances and to avoid mixing them with other legal or illegal substances. If you spot them, please submit a health report through their portal or by calling 800 033 5050.

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  • Amyl nitrite: has a fruity, aromatic and spicy taste and is harmful if ingested.
  • Isopropyl Nitrite: Toxic by skin contact and ingestion, causing severe skin burns, eye damage, and respiratory irritation.
  • Butyl nitrite: Toxic if ingested and inhaled, used to make jet fuel
  • Isobutyl nitrite: Harmful if ingested.Acute toxicity warning if inhaled

at the same time, Kaufipli Stress that if you need help, seek addiction treatment through various centers healthy Affiliated with the National Committee healthy Mentality and Addiction Or call Lifeline at 800 911 2000 for more information.

(Information from the Federal Council for the Prevention of Health Risks, National Survey on Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Consumption, Spanish Government Ministry of Health, Relox Clinic)

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