What Are The Right Parts To Yamaha Scorpio Is Famous Expensive? Page all


SOLO, KOMPAS.com– Care of the mounts, the with age no longer young, a type of Yamaha Scorpio would have to think about spare parts or spare parts.

In addition, when the engine is nicknamed ” the Scorpion, the edition of 2002, that is to say, he was already 18 years old.

Of course, the question of spare parts is also a concern of his own. Also, if you want to share, the original or unoriginal, it would spend more in the.

It was again in the fortunate position to be able to parts of the original in new condition. If not, the alternative use component of a kw or a clone.

But, if you want to be patient and try to be harder, the hunt for a spare part copotan motor.

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Remember, the engine has a cubic ation 225-issue of 2002 is a CBU (Completely Built Up) Japan. Thus, to find spare parts more difficult, and the price is relatively expensive.

The owner of the workshop specialists Scorpio ASICS, Anang middle of repairs to one of the Scorpion-customers.Ari Purnomo The owner of the workshop specialists Scorpio ASICS, Anang middle of repairs to one of the Scorpion-customers.

Really, spare part motor, with the spec touring this famous expensive? The owner of the workshop specialists Scorpio ASICS Tohudan, Karanganyar, Anang is not dismissed, the idea. In fact, there are some parts that are quite expensive for the engine of the Scorpio.

“One of the frequently occurs that the problems of the rubber under pressure into the carburetor. If you rusat or perforated, it should be replaced, if the price of the original ranges from Rp 600,000 to Rp 700,000,” he said to Kompas.com when met at his workshop on Saturday (8/3/2020).

With this price, Anang added, the owner of the Scorpio who wants you to remain the original usually prefer a set of the carburetor.

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“If you buy one set of carburetor, it is about Rp 1.2 million, right, the difference is not a lot to buy when compared, only the rubber of the vacuum,” he said.

Rubber Vacuum Carburetor, Yamaha Scorpio. Ari Purnomo Rubber Vacuum Carburetor, Yamaha Scorpio.

In addition to the rubber parts of the vacuum, the other components are also relatively expensive, part of it is komstirnya. Anang said, the price of komstir the original ranges from Rp 600,000.

“For an imitation or kw only Rp to 110,000,” he said.

It is also the role of the price is considered expensive, the chain kamrat, in the range of above 200,000 Rp. To suit chain-kamrat, which could reach Rp 300,000.

“If the price is cheap, there is also, as the clutch cable is only $ 30,000 thousand, and a part of the other was,” he said.

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One of the owners of the Scorpion, Marwan detects also, if the spare parts are expensive. Even so, he was so OK with it and will still use the scorpions to hold.

“Yes, it is expensive, but already love ya-what-what,” he said, while laughing.