What are the taboos about fitness?Athlete Trigo Ramos has his say on the matter

The world of bodybuilding is full of success stories This has greatly influenced popular culture, however, some negative stereotypes can be confusing to those who want to start a life in sports.

as part of the collective imagination, Bodybuilding is thought to reward thick bodies in men and thin waists in women.But other misconceptions people have are that it is a male-only subject and that women’s role is limited.

exist Exclusive interview with El Heraldo Digitalathlete wheat bouqueta nationally and internationally recognized bodybuilder and multiple competition winner, describes some of the realities and myths surrounding the sport based on his experience.

Ramos represented Mexico at the 2017 Arnold Classic Points: IG @trigoramos

Like any sport, bodybuilding has undergone tremendous changes since its inception. Trigo explains that body aesthetics were originally pursued, but from the late 1980s to the mid-2000s, the trend followed was bulky bodies.

“Currently we have other types of athletes and now we go back to the parameters of aesthetics, harmony, something more pleasing,” the multiple-time champion said of current sports trends.

Who is Trigo Ramos?

Trigo Ramos is a young Mexican bodybuilder who started his professional sports career at the age of 17. With strong determination and physical preparation, he had the opportunity to participate in the Mister México competition in 2014 and finished third name.

After achieving success in the competition, the athlete participated in Mr. World Olympia Winning in the Junior and Master categories. Ramos’ honors include representing Mexico at the 2017 Arnold Classic, a huge achievement on a national and international level.

He has been in professional sports since he was 17 years old Credit: IG @trigoramos

At 17, he started going to the gym regularly and continued to do so throughout college. title. Although he started working out in the gym after a breakup, Trigo’s passion for sports began in childhood, participating in every possible physical activity.

Regarding the importance of the subject in his life, he confirmed that exercise requires the same dedication as a college degree or a job.

“It’s like studying, it’s like working, it plays as important a role in your life as a career,” the athlete mentioned.

Women and their role in bodybuilding

One of the myths that may prevent women from starting an active life in the gym is the fear of developing a masculine complexion, TRigo Ramos says this notion is a lie.

He explains that the myth of “looking like a man” is actually impossible because of a woman’s skin color.

“They can’t develop the size, not even the human back,” Trigo Ramos said.

A person may encounter multiple difficulties entering the sports life. Image source: IG @trigoramos

The athlete also offered two pieces of advice for any woman planning to start a fitness life.

The importance of letting go of fear, seeking relevant information and setting your own standards based on personal expectations

He also emphasizes that professional help is fundamental to maximizing the process, “A nutritionist is not the same as a physical coach,” he points out.

When should a person start exercising?

For Trigo Ramos, instilling a love of sports in children is crucialConsider that starting a subject at an early age can lead to a variety of long-term benefits, such as self-discipline and responsibility.

However, one may encounter multiple difficulties when entering a sporting life, “New situations emerge from very basic situations, such as not eating certain things at different stages of the process”.

However, athletes emphasize taking care of their mental health, researching and giving exercise a chance, but all in a balanced and gradual manner for maximum results, putting aside complexes and other people’s opinions.

Trigo Ramos summed it up: “There are no bad changes, only changes that are not made.”

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