What are Travis Scott, Bad Bunny and The Weeknd doing together?

K-pop, Travis Scott! Pun aside, the world’s most famous trapper has teamed up with Bad Bunny and The Weeknd to release the first single from his highly anticipated new album. Utopia. What can I say, when three bigwigs converge in music, the result can only be from goosebumps!

What do the most popular trapper in the world, the hottest reggaeton performer of the last three years and a pop singer with sensual intense vibes do together? The question may seem strange, although, perhaps, many of you already know that this is not the first time. Travis Scott AND Weekend cooperate, and bad rabbit Yes. However, the big three came together to release the first single from Scott’s new album. Utopiawhich was expected for several months, and the excitement is already growing rapidly. K-pop is currently available on all digital platforms, but we’ll have to wait a few more days for the official video.

K-pop: Travis Scott, Bad Bunny and The Weeknd mix their styles and rekindle desire with nostalgia.

It must have been hard to fit three such different styles into one song, and it’s likely that someone will turn up their nose, but that didn’t erase the emotion of listening to it. K-pop this is a typically “Scottish” song, the rhythm of which presses and welcomes the style of each performer from verse to verse. We immediately recognize Travis’ mood, but we immediately know when the Bad Bunny will attack, and when it will be The Weeknd’s turn to take his place. Topics those of nostalgiabelonging wish and from sensual passion and obviously excess.

It starts with a specific degree of arousal and intoxication from Scottin which we immediately plunge into the festive context. bad rabbit talks about an intense past meeting that he would like to be able to live again: there is a woman and there are moments spent with her in Miami. There is fun and there is an invitation to join the singer in the present.

In the end Weekend. The pop singer’s verse is perhaps the most explicit: it talks about sex, drugs, conflicting emotions. Drugs are mixed with pain precisely to escape the harsh reality of life, but there is still talk of extreme luxury and the good life. Explicit sexuality speaks of great chemical intensity: this “mami” struck and killed many girls.

An interesting triptych that opens the door to the long-awaited album: what will it give us Utopia? Can Travis Scott surpass success? ASTROMIR?


Swish, uh (uh)
Get that shit outta here (in here)
You are full of one sip (Sip)
Falling but I got a grip (Grip)
Around the trap, she hit (Hit, hit, ayy)
All over the map you tripping (Skrrt)
Take it like nine out of ten (Yeah)
I think they’ll find it again
Think I should re-link
Behind the shade I sin, I run out of steam
Can’t forget about the place we went
Right after you put it in my head
Do you still pop them? You are dancing?
Are you still throwing some? Know that you can
I have a lot but I still have a chance

Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hace tiempo no te veo, yeah
Es que ahora en Miami jangueo, yes, yes
I don’t, I keep a rodeo
Ahora en la G-Wagon Spoteo, hey
Y te meto al frente ‘e la playa
Como aquello’ tiempo’ de camino a Maya
Tú ni fumaba’ y chingando te arrebaté
Dale, no pierdas tiempo, no lo piense’, trepate
Tu bien loca, loca, yo bien loco, loco
Si Ahora tu mai nos pilla, I need a photo
The note blasts me, the tick blasts it.
Vamo’ pa’ Cayo Musha, ya le texteé al piloto, eh-eh

I know about it once
You felt like a winner (winner)
That night was so fiery
I need you sooner (before)
You come back to this side
When shit gets cooler (Cooler)
We run it once
I grab you alone (one)

Oh (one)
Oh-oh-oh (mm-mm, mm-mm)
Ooh (mm-mm, mm-mm)
Oh-yeah (mm-mm)

Mix drugs with pain
Let the waves lead the way
You in Cannes and Saint Tropez call my name
You know that I’m wrong in my face.
You know I’m high on this K-pop
Rub into your body
All your clothes, you’re about to take off
South of France, we’re going to party
This is not some small yacht
We’ll fuck until we get sick
You are my bad mami, mami
Do you love me, could you tell me that you love me
Even if you don’t mean it (Mm-mm)
Sex will make you believe it (mm-mm)
I love it when she’s on me (Mm-mm)
Love it when she call me “Papi” (Mm-mm)
Even though she’s Korean (mm-mm)
Wet her like a tsunami with us, oh yeah (yeah yeah yeah yeah)

I know about it once
You felt like a winner (winner)
That night was so fiery
I need you sooner (before)
You come back to this side
When shit gets cooler (Cooler)
We run it once
I grab you alone

Yes-yes, yes, yes (one)

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