What Business can Survive Nike in China, in the middle of an outbreak of the Corona? Page all


KOMPAS.com – Company sports clothing from the United States, Nike, the number of online has increased sales as much as more than 30 percent in China.

It happens when Nike shut down your business risks in China, together with an outbreak of corona.

In addition to China, companies with headquarters in Oregon, most of its stores in the world-has closed.

However, as much as 80 percent of its stores in China has re-opened, in accordance with the improvement of the situation there.

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“We expect that the next few weeks, a time full of challenges”, said the CEO of Nike, John Donahoe, during a call on the market opportunities in the United States and Europe.

Donahoe’s hope that Nike can use the lessons learned to navigate in China, the closure of the markets in Europe and the United States.

“In China, consumers have begun to return to the markets,” said Donahoe.

“You are to see frequently, wear a mask in advance, but you are already back in the store,” she said.

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Nike reported a decrease in sales numbers in China up to as much as five percent, or the equivalent of 1.5 billion US dollars in the financial-quarter-final-which lasted until the end of February.

Note: it is the first decline in China in the period of almost six years.

But on the other hand, we see rising sales figures online as much as 36 percent during the quarter.

Further, Donahoe hopes that this trend figures mitigate the decrease in the sales of Nike by closing most of their stores.

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In addition, China, Nike also experienced a tremendous increase in applications, staff training, designed to Training at home.

The activity of the users of such applications jumped to 80 percent at a time when China with a policy of interdiction AU pair, in which the inhabitants live in a house.

Prior to this, Nike is actually already prepared to welcome several new products, which was originally planned for the Olympic games in Tokyo.

One of them, Nike is the promotion of the shoes are sustainable, made from materials that can be recycled.

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However, on Tuesday, the IOC announced that it would be the 2020 Olympic games and the Olympic games, delay, the Paralympic games until next year because the pandemic virus corona in the world.