What can you expect from the sixth season of ‘Supergirl’?


Although for the moment it is unknown when he will return the last daughter of Krypton to the Arrowverse, the end of the fifth season has left the fans high expectations of the sixth season of ‘Supergirl’.

The events of the fifth season of the series have seen Kara Zor-El and its allies face a lot of new challengesthe main of them has been the transfer of his hometown, National City, of the Earth-38 to the new Earth-Prime during the events of ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’.

The history of this brave new world was rewritten to make Lex Luthor a hero, instead of a infamous brain criminal. In fact, Luthor is now one of the men most respected in the world and director of the DEO, which makes him the head of most of the heroes.

Despite their differences, Luthor and the superhero is confronted with a common enemy, the Leviathan, a mysterious group backed by alien immortals who had been manipulating humanity for millennia.

While the heroes sought to counteract their plans to enslave the population using a new platform of virtual reality, Luthor manipulated the Leviathans from behind the scene, increasing their own power base while looking for an opportunity to knock them down from within.

Fortunately, Kara Zor-El got a unexpected ally when you reach the end of the fifth season, Lena Luthor, who had rejected the friendship of Kara at the beginning of the season when he discovered that Supergirl had not confided his secret identity.

‘Supergirl’ was officially renewed for a sixth season in January 2020, along with all the other series in the Arrowverse.

What can you expect from the sixth season of 'Supergirl'? giphy

Since the end of the fifth season had to be rewritten at the last minute, it is almost impossible to predict the great evil that is looming in the sixth season.

The expectations of the sixth season of ‘Supergirl’ is that Luthor will continue to be a thorn in the side of the heroes, or you may be ready to change the series and move into the new program ‘Superman & Lois’.

The main threat of the sixth season of Supergirl is unknown, but we have made some major changes in the cast, Alex Danvers took on a new role as the vigilante masked, it also seems that J onn J onzz begins a romantic relationship with the leader of the resistance of mars white M Gann M orzz.

No one knows when it will air the sixth season of ‘Supergirl’, this is due both to the delays in filming caused by the spread of the coronavirus, such as the pregnancy of the protagonist of the series, Melissa Benoist, but for sure you will be in 2021.