What changes did the pandemic generate in Argentines when traveling

Argentine travelers became more demanding (Credit: Assist Card)
Argentine travelers became more demanding (Credit: Assist Card)

With the imminent reopening of the borders for the entry of foreigners to Argentina on November 1, tourism once again works in its fullness in the country after the confinement that began in March 2020. During that time a trend was consolidated which was showing what travel will be like from now on.

A change in mentality is observed in the traveler, a client appears who takes more precautions and demands more because he became aware of how important it is to take care of health. This is reflected in the studies of travel intentionality of Assist Card of the last months.

Their analysis shows that medical protection in international travel ceased to be an option that many avoided to reduce costs and became a necessity. Proof of this is the increase in consultations and sales of assistance to international destinations in recent months, motivated by the advancement of the vaccination plan, the relaxation of travel restrictions and the reopening of the borders. Such was the case of Spain, in August, and Chile and Brazil, in September.

COVID Extra contemplates those non-medical contingencies in case of contracting COVID-19.  (Credit: Assist Card)
COVID Extra contemplates those non-medical contingencies in case of contracting COVID-19. (Credit: Assist Card)

Aware of the high costs of health care abroad, tourists in times of pandemic changed their habits. According to the latest studies analyzed by Assist Card, Argentines expressed great interest in more robust assist coverage$ 300,000 or $ 1 million.

“It is a strong and robust product, which today the passenger needs it more than ever because we must cover it in every possible way. It includes a million dollars in medical assistance ”, explains Mauricio Valacco, country manager of Assist Card Argentina.

Likewise, Argentines seek to ensure that nothing ruins their trip and complement their coverage with COVID Extra, an additional service that covers non-medical contingencies that can occur before or even during the trip, such as the cancellation of a flight or quarantine at the destination, due to a positive diagnosis for COVID-19.

Another trend that brought the pandemic is a greater preference for products from multiple annual trips, which shows that the Argentine has planned some other international trip during the year. In that line, look for tickets 74 days in advance in international destinations for an estimated trip of 26 days on average. As for the places most sought after by Argentines, the American city of Miami is the favorite, followed by Spain, Brazil, Mexico and Chile.

“In addition to the search for more robust coverage, income regulations in many of these countries still require a negative PCR result. Faced with this requirement, Assist Card offers exclusive discounts for its clients through an alliance with more than 100 laboratories around the world. The new normal is a mix between individual conscience and governmental obligation ”, he explains. Valacco.

Argentine tourists are careful not to ruin their trip (Credit: Assist Card)
Argentine tourists are careful not to ruin their trip (Credit: Assist Card)

Along these lines, as one of the main allies of travelers when undertaking an adventure around the world, the company offers benefits tailored to the new needs of its customers.

For this edition of Cyber ​​Monday, from November 1 to 3 Assist Card offers new promotions for travelers that include discounts of up to 50% in hiring their assistance in international travel. Additionally, it offers financing of up to 12 installments without interest with VISA, MasterCard and American Express cards from all banks, available for all the company’s direct sales channels.

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