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What cryptocurrencies to buy besides Bitcoin?

After the crash that spooked thousands of investors, cryptocurrencies are hinting at a return to the bullish path. These are the covers that you should know.

Following the sharp decline that Bitcoin (BTC) experienced after hitting its all-time high in April, interest in cryptocurrencies resurfaces with strength as a result of the recovery that lives in these hours.

After trading at more than $ 64,000 per unit (April 14), it started a bearish rally that generated concern in thousands of savers who had joined the trend out of curiosity, fashion, or simply excited about its relentless growth. Instead, investors a bit more seasoned by the ups and downs of the crypto market opted for caution.

“How am I? Take it easy. This has already happened and will continue to happen forever. After a strong rally, there is always a profit taking. The important is that bitcoin resistance has always been growing and this time will not be the exception“was the response of one of the Argentine specialists, during those dizzying days, before the consultation of iProUP.

The weeks passed. The adjustments continued. Casualties occurred one after another and many investors continued to exit the crypto universe. Some even feared losing everything.

Nevertheless, when nobody expected it, some indicators re-generated confidence and the cryptocurrency par excellence once again exhibited new rallies, after touching its minimum level on July 20 (u $ s29,780). From that day on, even with some resistance, returned to the positive path and it is already above the u $ s48,000 per unit.

But, before abandoning positions, many investors learned that, In addition to the cryptocurrency created by Satoshi Nakamoto, there were other similar ones, with less history and history., but they could also appear as interesting alternatives when investing your savings and waiting for their evolution.

Local experts from the Bitcoin world reveal to iProUP which are the top cryptocurrencies “covered up” that can surprise before the start of 2022.

The covered ones

Nicolas Verderosa, cryptocurrency expert lawyer and CEO of Kephi Gallery, reveals that the crypto “covered” that he bets the most is KAI, the currency issued by the KardiaChain network, which is defined as interoperable and non-intrusive. According to the expert, the latter “means that connect other networks to each other without them having to make any changes to their protocol. “

“This allows, precisely, interoperability. I think interoperable networks are going to grow a lot because the spectrum of operations of users is broadened that, in principle, if they are not like watertight compartments. They are like worlds apart, “he adds.

In addition, Verderosa specifies that KAI is currently close to $ 0.06, when at the peak of Bitcoin it was known to be $ 0.16: “As now we see BTC growing, it is very likely that the market will ‘test’ KAI again up to US $ 0.16, its all-time high. This means a profit of 300% from this point, “he highlights.

Manuel Beaudroit, CEO of Belo Cash, he tells iProUP that “apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum, I particularly I like some tokens from some projects What Graph Protocol, Compound, Aave, Unisoph, which I think are good, as part of the whole Defi move. “

“They are options where I am – not even with a long position – but they are projects that I think are interesting and that are going to be much more useful in the future. I think that in all these currencies there are some interesting opportunities“, he highlights.

Manuel Beaudroit, CEO of Belo Cash

Manuel Beaudroit, CEO of Belo Cash

Federico Goldberg, CEO of Dollar Store, points to iProUP: “I’m looking at how alternative blockchains to Solana and Terra. Afterwards, I really like tokens YFI, UNI, AAVE, COMP, which are robust projects and have a very large volume in the crypto industry. ”

“For those who want to diversify the portfolio with a little more risk, they can look at Luna, Solana, Yearn Finance, Uniswap, Compound and Aave“, Add.

These currencies belong to decentralized finance networks or DeFi. That is, they offer cryptocurrency-based instruments in which no intermediary acts (company, bank or government), since all operations are carried out through the so-called “smart contracts“.

Federico Goldberg, CEO of Tienda Dollar

Federico Goldberg, CEO of Tienda Dollar

Goldberg also anticipates that in the medium term, digital currencies “will become an everyday thing” in Argentina because the country is one of those greater restrictions imposed on the purchase foreign currency. “Also for this reason, cryptocurrencies gained great prominence throughout the territory,” he highlights.

There are several interesting projects I have in mind for its future, but this is not necessarily reflected in the price, “he remarks to iProUP Iván Tello, co-founder and COO of Decrypto.

I am confident that BPRO will be successful for what it seeks to bring as a solution, since it gives you a plus over the risk-free Bitcoin holding“, he remarks.

In addition, Tello highlights FileCoin: “The use of the blockchain as data and file storage seems crucial to me on the way to a free Internet “.

Iván Tello, COO of Decrypto

Iván Tello, COO of Decrypto

Emiliano Limia, press officer of Good bit assures iProUP: You have to look carefully at third-generation blockchains, whose objective is solve needs as the scalability and interoperability. This means that a blockchain can tolerate mass adoption and not suffer from problems such as slow transactions per second or high costs. “

He adds that “even though they are not ‘covered’, projects such as Cardano (ADA) and Polkadot (DOT) aim to fulfill these functions which means that they could work with each other without problems. “

“With improvements made from generation to generation, the next step for blockchain technology is expected to be multi-use adoption of the technology. Solana (SOL) is another blockchain that is working very well although it is not as widely used yet, “he completes.

Emiliano Limia, press officer of Buen Bit

Emiliano Limia, press officer of Buen Bit

Matías Bari, CEO and co-founder of SatoshiTango, highlights iProUP: “Actually, there are a lot of cryptos going around: more than 8,000, with more or less history. I just what I always say is that you have to study, read a lot, see what it’s about“.

A lots of they want to get rich quick, but there are projects that are not launched to become either a means of payment or a store of value. But they don’t care, they go and buy it because they say: ‘Well, if it’s worth US $ 0.50, it has a better chance of reaching US $ 1,000 than Bitcoin, which today is worth US $ 45,000, and it can’t go up anymore. more, “he says.

To the SatoshiTango executive, “this is an absolutely wrong analysis. For this reason, I insist that you have to read a lot, internalize yourself and get advice “.

Matías Bari, CEO and founder of SatoshiTango

Matías Bari, CEO and founder of SatoshiTango

The NFT world

Another great investment possibility are the currencies related to NFT exchange networks or non-fungible tokens. That is, unlike every DAI, which is always worth a dollar, Each NFT is worth what the market indicates it is willing to pay.

That’s why they are “non-expendable“. In other words, they cannot be exchanged (or spent) for good of comparable economic value, but its objective is:

  • Save information on the network (blockchain)
  • Represent a unique and unrepeatable asset (for example, Jack Dorsey’s first tweet)
  • It can be a digital file that contains an original text, audio, images or a video

In this sense, Verderosa assures that “the currencies linked to the world of NFT games are very interesting“.

“It was very fashionable Axie Infinity, but hey, it’s already quite popular, so I would target currencies from large but not-so-popular games, “he advises.

In this vein, Verderosa assures that “one of them is My Defi Pet, whose currency is DPet which is in the binance network and in the KardiaChain “and predicts:”It is a token of an NFT game that is going to grow a lot“.

“First, when virtual pets are released and they can be sold, it will generate a demand for the token, since it will be the exchange currency to acquire them and, obviously, will increase its value “, anticipate.

Not everything in crypto life is Bitcoin, even if it is the network that accounts for 45% of the dollars invested in virtual currencies. Because, research each project, see its usefulness and betting an amount (that is willing to lose) can generate a flow of extra bills.

Tammy Sewell is our Writer and Social at OICanadian.com. Tammy loves sports, she writes our celebrities news. She spends time browsing through several celebs news sources as well the Instagram. Email: [email protected] Phone: +1 513-209-1700

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