“What do artists live for?” Olga Polyakova on the air entered into a skirmish with Lyashko over quarantine

Polyakova opposed quarantine restrictions (Photo: Instagram.com/polyakovamusic)

Olga Polyakova on the air of the TV show quarreled with the chief sanitary doctor of Ukraine Viktor Lyashko over quarantine measures.

On the air of the talk show, the Ukrainian singer and TV presenter called the decisions taken by the authorities ” ridiculous.” Polyakova was outraged that because of the measures taken by the government, the country faces the question of the survival of entire spheres, including the music industry. According to the singer, before introducing strict quarantine, it was necessary to conduct a serious dialogue.

She was also outraged that the state allocated funds to pay compensation to workers in the creative industry, but, according to Polyakova, she can only be obtained by paying a bribe. “This story takes place only on a competitive basis. Where in the world have you seen that compensations were paid to artists on a competitive basis? What do artists live for? ” – the artist was indignant.

Polyakova said that as an entrepreneur, she applied for compensation from the state, but they did not even accept her documents, since only bankrupt companies should claim damages.

In response, the chief medical officer recalled to the artist her recent concert in Kharkov on Teacher’s Day. After this speech, the police opened criminal proceedings against Polyakova under article 325, part 1 of the Criminal Code ( Violation of the rules and regulations established in order to prevent epidemic and other infectious diseases).

She also stated that she supports quarantine restrictions. Lyashko recalled that the state met the musicians halfway when it decided that the artists will be able to perform provided that the hall is filled to a maximum of 50%, and they will also remind from the stage about the need to wear a mask and keep a distance.

Lyashko refused to answer questions about finances and compensation, saying that her area of ​​responsibility is health, so she supports the limitation of public events.

Previously, Polyakova had already arranged a live skirmish over quarantine. Last time she quarreled with Health Minister Maxim Stepanov about a scandalous concert in Kharkiv. She also recently posted an angry post on social media about the quarantine.