What do politicians discuss in Punta del Este about: candidacies and leaderships

Sorry for the five hundred dollars that I left in a Uruguayan butcher in exchange for a few cuts for a family barbecue, one of the Pro men that was installed in Punta del Este throughout the month of January, he banged on the table in his rented house on the La Barra area: “We screw it up. Now I know they’re going to think we’re all the same.”

He was referring to the law that allows the re-election of mayors. In his spirit so eager for perpetuity in the intrinsically Peronist power. But actually, he emphasized the implosion post STEP which leaves them “frayed and without conduction”. A bad scenario for a losing peronism but united for 2023.

Without having seen, even having tried to avoid himself, another strong man from space who barely stepped east for a few days, summed up in the middle of a coffee (650 Argentine pesos per cup) the problem that the opposition is going through in the catholes of an electoral year. : “Leadership is lacking and candidates are overflowing. Everyone wants to be a candidate for 2023 and does not realize that first we have to survive 2022. Mauricio Macri He is no longer hiding, he is convinced that the electorate forgave him and is playing his career. Horatio Y Mara Eugenia the same. Patricia (Bullrich) … Santilli, Ritondo, the governors of the UCR Valds Y Morales… And the signatures follow “.

Alberto Fernndez, on CELAC: “It was not born to oppose or confront other institutions”

Some warn about the unique Exit strategy they see in opposition to this crisis: differentiate themselves from the FDT, impose your own agenda, and show yourself United. The latter would be costing him more than they expected.

They are jealous, they doubt, they distrust. To the point that someone from the other side of the shore suggested avoiding the small table zooms because nobody says what they think for fear of leaks. Or the other way around, knowing that it is going to be filtered, they use it as tool to send messages.

What they call “The Villegas Affair”, I finished breaking the weak ties between some of the members of the opposition. It is all speculation about who and why leaked the video of the former minister of Villegas work in 2017. Who seeks to harm the ‘gestapoleaks‘? Who organized the meeting? Some follow the path of the security company logo that appears in the images. Close to whom or to whom?

Others analyze the film and not the photo in the least literal sense: The leak occurs shortly after the ruling that benefits Mauricio Macri and the AFI staff during his tenure in the espionage cause was known. If they did not spy or know, those who did were “self-employed from the basements of democracy.” That video calls it into question. Where do you work today? Are there other videos?

Care Prices is renewed on Monday: the complete list of products and their values

The annoyance of the man from The bar is replicated in hidden coffee tables because with a dollar at 207 it is better not to show up leaving the scarce currency to Lacalle Pou. “We are not the same” will be the motto of Non-verbalized campaign of the Pro that was born and became strong precisely differentiating itself from a Kirchnerism that had generated such a fed-up in society that it led them to stay with La Rosada and with Silver.

Videos with officials Y intelligence agents, indefinite re-elections, deputies on vacation in the middle of a parliamentary agenda burned, opposing strategies, each playing his own chip and refusing to risk a common project. This is not the image that was expected of an opposition that took away from the ruling party the Parliamentary election just five minutes ago.

The Governor Valds He said it: “We won and the lights all focused on here.” And what you are seeing with the reflectors pointed directly forces the Pro to quickly change strategy If they want be competitive next year. But someone should order and that someone does not appear. Again the problem that is generated when there are plenty of candidates Y leaders are missing.

Two clear examples occurred these last weeks crossed by the video scandal: Patricia bullrich he got a photo with Javier Milei after it was decided that there was no room for the libertarian within the opposition alliance and that they should not generate situations that allow speculation about it.

Javier Milei and the “left leg of the fly”: what he said about the controversy over the draw for his salary as a deputy

And the governor jujeo Gerardo Morales assuming responsibility for the IMF debt during Mauricio Macri’s administration.

Until HE PASSED, for many members of the opposition the Presidency of the Nation in 2023 It was a race without obstacles and with the second starting half an hour later. How not to win in a country broken by the indices of inflation, poverty, uncertainty, the hundreds of thousands of deaths from the pandemic, the photo of Olivos by Alberto Fernndez in the middle of the quarantine, the causes of CFK who did not reach an oral trial and the specter of impunity, the lost districts …

Now they know that something changed. That in this country no one is left for dead or at the wake. And that they have to cling like never before to the agenda demanded by the middle class that accompanied them here: Rent law, single ballot, clean record, genuine work, institutionality. Because while they fight, Kirchnerism does not devour them, but it unites. He thinks about consolidating himself and later on nominations and names. Said it Pern “… first the Homeland, then the Movement and then the men. “

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