what do the symbols on the inside of the fingers mean

Angelina Jolie got two new tattoos, and her tattoo artist (who clarified that they have nothing to do with Brad Pitt) told about this: here’s their meaning.

THAT tattoos they are so in vogue now that it has become very difficult to find someone with a completely “white” body. The stars are no exception, and many people like to put certain symbols, inscriptions and portraits on the body with indelible ink. Angelina Jolie she was one of the first to bet on drawings that have symbolic meaning, suffice it to recall the fact that she even had a dedication to her ex-husband Billy Bob canceled. Today, despite the years that have passed, he continues to have a passion for tattoos: here are two “new” ones on the inside of his arms (having nothing to do with his divorce from Brad Pitt).

Tattoos are not a message to Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie does not have a personal social media profile, on the contrary, she has always been very secretive and, apart from paparazzi photos and red carpet shows, it is difficult to see her in public. Over the past few hours, her tattoo artist from New York has posted her on Instagram: her name is Mr K. and made two unpublished drawings for her. The day before yesterday, he announced the location of the tattoos, that is, the inside of the middle fingers, which aroused the curiosity of the fans. Many immediately thought of “fucking” Brad Pitt, given the rather stormy divorce, but in the comments, Mr. K himself said: “This has nothing to do with Brad Pitt.“.

Angelina Jolie's new tattoos

Angelina Jolie’s new tattoos

The meaning of tattoos on the hands

Yesterday I received photos of the finished work: two stylized micro-crosses made only with thin lines and dots. Although Angelina declined to comment, Mr. K took pains to explain the significance of the tattoos he created. First of all, he apologized to the actress for causing her a lot of stress due to fan insinuations on Instagram, and then continued, “This tattoo features two daggers in a geometric and abstract form / nothing to do with religion or a cross.In short, the actress would once again imprint a design of spiritual value on her skin while staying true to the minimal and symbolic style of the tattoos she has scattered across her body.

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