What do we know about Khabi Lam’s debut film?

The most followed TikToker in the world presented his debut short film “I Am Khabane” receiving the Damiani Award at the Taormina Film Festival. He also said that his big dream is to win an Oscar.

“One day you will see your son’s Oscar every morning,” she promised. crippled lame To his mother. and that of Taormina Film Festival That is the first step. The most followed TikToker in the world changes the frame and presents his first short film titled ,I am KhabaneHe wrote below the trailer “this is my story!“. There are basketball courts at night, and the eternal topos of boxing is reinterpreted. Khabi repeats the metaphor of the boxer who rises in spite of everything: “I chose boxing because sometimes we feel like We’re in a ring, with life punching you. You are alone and you have to fight your fear and have the strength to get up every time you fall. Boxing has taught me that life is a boxing ring where you fall but get back up again.”

Then there is the bedroom, where it all started. “People think you have to know what it takes to get there, but you don’t have to have a 3,000 euro camera. I had an iPhone, I did my filming even without the circle light, I used to put up a white screen on YouTube and shoot it on my face. I did it myself. Whatever your goal, from sports to art, the important thing is to put your heart into it.” There are also shots on the red carpet that reflect another light on Khabi, not the white screen in his bedroom, but Saand Ki Aankh. Hollywood. “I will continue to study, I will continue to fulfill my dream, I want to be an actor”

Invitation to the Taormina Film Festival

Khabi Lam’s passion for cinema has always been: “When I was little I used to watch The Prince of Bel-Air and i wanted to be like will smithI wanted to become a comedian like him. Colleagues who used to laugh at me are now asking me to give them a video greeting.” Khabi receives award at Taormina Film Fest Damani Award for lack of “I am Khabane” made in collaboration with Adriano Spadaro: “We paid a lot of attention to detail: first we developed a story, then we got down to choosing the right cameras and the right locations, and we decided to shoot in the States.”

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In Taormina Khabi has not only presented his short film. at the invitation of the actress Bella ThorneTiktoker also participated in the masterclass”impressive shorts, During the program he said,Don’t set limits for yourself, And don’t let others do it, I try to face and overcome mine every day. I want to tell you a phrase that my mother always told me: No matter how big something that scares you, no matter how difficult it is to overcome an obstacleNothing can be stronger than the dream you’ve dreamed, that much I knowgno is greater than everything”.

Khabi’s big dream

“I think the result rewarded us. However, I found out how much Posting and filming individual videos on social networks, albeit brief: I hope to go further. I promised my mom that one day she would see my Oscar on her bedside table. No one will stop my dream. Will I not win the Oscar? I’ll definitely try,” he said. “I always think about Usain Bolt, he wanted to be the fastest man on Earth: he committed himself and made it.”

This isn’t Khabi Lam’s first appearance on the red carpet. Indeed, in March, the producer was invited to Oscar night, and in September 2021 he attended the screening of the film Lost Illusions at the Venice Film Festival as a guest. xavier giannoli, “I know I’m looking at the stars, that it’s such a difficult dream that even DiCaprio and Will Smith have won it recently. Even if I didn’t succeed, I can say that I tried to the end.” “

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