What does a baseball cap say about you?

Of course, you are in a trend: you will not believe it, but it is so. Myself the baseball cap reminds you of movies like “American Pie” and perhaps Giovanotti’s debut, it’s time to change your mind because this is the new status symbol of the summer of 2023: perhaps it’s Succession’s fault, where, in perfect accordance with the new trend, passes the Loro Piana baseball cap, which has become one of the hottest index Lyst, which analyzes the most requested and purchased items each season. Other commonly printed terms include, say, “Celine baseball cap” and “Gucci beanie”: brands sell their version of the baseball cap for more than 500 euros.An entry-level price designed to attract a potential buyer, while at the other end of the affordability range is the growing status of cheap merchandising, like souvenirs of a place or time, a welcoming Madeleine-like status for this ubiquitous but still neglected accessory.

The cap is considered a means of self-expressionEach collection conveys the tastes of the owner to the rest of the world: so you also need to quickly acquire a headdress at the moment. Undoubtedly, caps have evolved from being an everyday accessory to wear after the gym or as a celebrity to hide from the paparazzi, to an essential accessory that’s perfect for rainy days or when you can’t wash your hair. Fully rehabilitated caps also dominate the catwalks. Gabriela Hirst, J. W. Anderson and Marine Serre. In this triumphant procession from the catwalks to Instagram, it is clear that the new object of desire is back to stay. His new (privileged) position is the result of a mix of trends, and after the pandemic, when hairdressers closed, many of us used to wear hats to hide the traumatic results of this torment, and the ubiquity of Zoom has caught our attention. to the decorations that could be seen through the screen: add streetwear and fitness, and the cap became the accessory of the day.

According to List, baseball cap requests increased 44% in the year to July: now they have become a symbol. As the Hollywood writers’ strike continues, wearing it has even become a time off signal adopted by actors such as Timothée Chalamet, America Ferrera and Jennifer Lawrence, for a distinctly offbeat look and away from the red carpets of movie premieres. So, consider a 2023 version of the slogan T-shirts so big that one of the most popular in London fashion circles is a ‘Peace and Rest’ hat from a Californian brand called The Peace and Rest Museum: These days it’s more than statement is hope. Like sweaters and handbags, these hats change romantically with age, softening when wet, molding to the shape of your head, colors fade in the sun and wear out a little over time. Hidden inside the bag, offer shade in the heat and shelter in the rain, and I’ve even found that each of my caps serves as a starting point for conversations with strangers. So what does yours say about you?

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