“What does a bitch like me do”

more and more exaggerated, Britney Spearsand more and more out of control. The 41-year-old American pop star has just split from her husband. Sam Asgari. The man accused her of increasingly frequent and violent physical and verbal assaults, including punching, kicking and even biting. Former sexy world pop diva, interpreter of the mythical teenager One more time baby, commented on the sad story on social media, admitting that he “can’t take the pain anymore.” However, now she has achieved more: she threw a divorce party with seven guys and even posted a video of her rolling around naked in bed.

Another video went viral and was a sort of censored “summary” of the crazy night, with small excerpts. Example? One of the children she invited was in charge of lick her shoes up to the thigh.

Around, filming and laughing, the rest of the party participants, who commented with rude shouts on what was the party appetizer, were determinedly excited: “Start with the boot, brother.” Then the event moved to the pool, and then, let’s imagine, another fireworks. “What does he do a bitch like me? Britney wrote on Instagram in the caption, ironically reserving the derogatory term. Bitch – I put on a green dress and meet my friends. I invited my favorite boys and played all night!”

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