What does the actor not like to wash

Who would have thought that Robert Pattinson was not particularly loved, wash? Here is a piece of news that will break the hearts of millions of fans.

robert pattinson hair
Actor Robert Pattinson (photo from Instagram) – Ecoo.it

We’ve narrowed down some of the interesting behind-the-scenes aspects of life Hollywood seems to be full of stars, With their perfect outfits, impeccable makeup and hair done with attention to every detail, we say they are the dream bearers for us who live in a reality that is decidedly different from theirs. But are we sure this is the case? Maybe not that much.

Behind all this magnificence there are many things that escape us, as we can see, for example, there are more and more actors who decide to break the mold with something that ultimately shows their humanity and Shows the flaws associated with it. Let’s take a closer look at what we are alluding to.

robert pattinson refuses to shower

What do they have in common Cameron Diaz, Robert Pattinson and Zac Efron? Poor attitude towards cleanliness. Yep, apparently these actors aren’t exactly friends with water and they make some questionable life choices as a result. Let’s look for example the star of Twilight.

Robert Pattinson brushing his hair
Robert Pattinson (photo from Instagram) – Ecoo.it

During various interviews, the actor has categorically stated that he does not have a happy relationship with bath and soap and, above all else. shampoo, Apparently, in fact, he doesn’t particularly like to wash and above all he almost never shampoos, so his hair is almost always dirty, an aspect that also makes him appear that way in public. Does not cause any inconvenience.

so if during the photo shoot this You will look with heavy and sticky hair, you know why, But not only this, there is something else as well. Poor hygiene extends to the clothes he wears as well, not just for a few days. For what reason? The actor himself inspires it, it would be the only way to ensure that his suitcase is always light while traveling.

a vampire sui generis

patisson cleaning
Twilight scene (Instagram screen video) – Ecoo.it

In short, from the above it is clear how the former vampire was twilight Not only did he not love the sun, I didn’t love the water either! Jokes aside, this news will definitely resonate with millions of fans who know what their reaction will be. And you, would you accept Robert Pattinson even with smooth hair? Let’s start the debate.

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