What does the goat have to do with Giorgia Malerba and being gay?

Rondodososa has a new pet: the goat. After showing it off in Instagram stories, the Milanese author invited creator Giorgia Malerba to meet with 4 of her goats.

Screenshot of Rondodasosa and Bakri 2023, Instagram account @rondodasosa

Screenshot of Rondodasosa and Bakri 2023, Instagram account @rondodasosa

The story of Italian rappers’ pets has taken a new turn: after Jake La Furia’s snakes, it’s goat time, One of the world’s leading personalities, to be photographed together with his cattle Fourth generation of Italian rap: Rondodassasa, The rapper, born in 2002, has linked his image to the image of a goat in a continuing reference to the American imagination, in English Goat, a term also used to denote “greatest of all time,i.e “greatest ever“. Not so unambiguous message from the author of ditch babywho just released their new single a few weeks ago cleanrecap of two breathsSong performed by Chiara Galeazzo at the final of X Factor Italia in 2012, the talent was then won by the singer. Another visual distinctiveness associated with the goat is the blue bandana that wraps around the animal’s neck, one of the Milanese designer’s identifying features.

Giorgia Malerba's response to the invitation to Rondodassa, 2023

Giorgia Malerba’s response to the invitation to Rondodassa, 2023

Social invitation to Rondodassa Goat and Giorgia Malerba

The goat image on Rondosasa’s Instagram profile thrilled the rapper’s fans, and his audience’s transport can also be translated into a numerical data: The goat’s profile on Instagram, @lacapradirondo, reached over 12,000 followers within 24 hours, If in the United States, Demi Lovato was forced to give up her goatee in a few weeks, Rondosasa certainly tried to surf the trendy animal, Questioning one of the most famous content creators on the Italian scene: Giorgia Malerba. She also owns a goat and in connection with exactly the bond that can arise between the two animals, Rondodososa in her Instagram stories invites Malerba to meet: “Giorgia Malerba, Appointment at 4, You and Our GoatsThe producer’s response was kept simple: “how beautiful“. a few hours later, on the profile of destiny rapper enzo dong, A picture of him came out in the company of a goat. The caption reads: “Rondodososa, fight me with your goat,

Enzo Dong's story on Instagram, 2023

Enzo Dong’s story on Instagram, 2023

How Got Became An Abbreviation For The Greatest Of All Time

But how does the word goat change to celebrate the greatest of all time in the United States? The use of acronyms and slang in hip hop, especially in the United States, has been an immortal tenet since the 80s: think HNIC by The Prodigy, Troy by Pete Rock and CL Smooth, Wu-Tang Clan by Cream, But MAAD City by Kendrick Lamar and especially GOAT by LL Cool J, This last album, released in 2000, is the first positive reference to the word goat, with an exact transcription of the acronym. As he said in interviews over the years, the rapper wanted to invert the meaning of the word, which until then was mostly used as a derision, From there, it was reused for the times of great personalities, especially players: from Muhammad Ali to Michael Jordan through Tom Brady and Babe Ruth.

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