“What happened in Madrid erases everything, but what I experienced before Tigres was a story”

“He had the thorn for a long time to play for the biggest club.” In June 2015, Nicolas Bertolo he was proud of his decision. The steering wheel put on the River despite having debuted in Mouth and he is far from regretting that decision. Although his performance did not live up to his expectations and he was barely able to play 23 games, his time at Núñez allowed him to enjoy a final that for him meant the maximum of his career.

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In the preview of the crash this Sunday, the current midfielder from Platense revived the definition of the Libertadores Cup 2015 with a lot of emotion. “In a short time I lived many things in River, but I can’t get out of my head and I can’t forget what I felt on the pitch when we were playing against Tigres. We went out to the field, nothing was seen because of the fireworks and the smoke that there was, the rain in the game, “he started in a talk with ESPN.

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Bertolo in Platense.  (@caplatense)

Bertolo in Platense. (@caplatense)

It was an epic night. CARP conquered America again after 19 years and Bertolo entered the second half in Mexico and started at the Monumental. And when it came to remembering that night in Núñez, as a good supporter of Núñez’s club, he made a comparison that came from his heart. “It is good that after Madrid erase everything, but for me, personally, what I experienced was a story. With words I cannot say everything I felt.”

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Bertolo and the unforgettable final against Tigres.  AFP.

Bertolo and the unforgettable final against Tigres. AFP.

For all the experiences, the reunion with Marcelo Gallardo and former teammates will be special. “It is always special to face River. I have great affection and great respect for Casco, Ponzio and Maidana. And I only have words of thanks for Gallardo who, at the time, played it for me, “added the 35-year-old midfielder, who today is due to Squid and knows that it will not be easy to lose the leader of the Professional League.

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With how many points and when can River be the champion?

With 15 points at stake, Marcelo Gallardo’s team has 46 units, six more than Talleres, his immediate pursuer, who already played his match on this 21st date that began on Thursday and will end on Sunday, precisely with the Millionaire match against Platense. How can you go around the Olympics?

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Without depending on third parties, River needs seven points of the 15 that remain. Thus, it would reach 53 and it would be impossible for the T to match its line even if it won all the rest (it would reach 52 units).

But there is also the possibility that it will turn around next Thursday, as long as a combination of results occurs. The thing is like that. If River beats Platense on Sunday (in Vicente López, at 9:30 p.m.) and Talleres loses on Tuesday against Gimnasia and Esgrima La Plata (in the Forest, at 5 p.m.), the Millo will secure the first place and will reach him with a point on Thursday vs. Racing to win the title.

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He will also be champion if he defeats Platense and Racing and the T ties with the Wolf. And it could even be if he ties with the Squid this Sunday and the Cordobans do not add against the Wolf.

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