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July 10 is a significant date in which major historical events took place, the birthday of prominent celebrities and the honor of being shared with some revered saints. In this article we will consider the most interesting and curious aspects of this particular day.

Saints 10 July.

On July 10, the Catholic Church honors the memory of the saints of the Virgin Mary, Santa Rufina and Santa Sinforos. Santa Rufina was a 3rd century Roman martyr and Santa Sinforosa was her mother. The two saints suffered martyrdom for their Christian faith and are considered examples of courage and religious devotion.

Historical events 10 July.

Throughout history, July 10 has witnessed several significant events. One of them is the official adoption of the national flag of France, known as “La Tricolore”, which happened in 1793 during the French Revolution. This flag, consisting of three vertical stripes of blue, white and red, has become a symbol of freedom and equality.

Another important historical event dates back to 1962, when Algeria gained independence from France after years of struggle for self-determination. This marked the end of the French colonial period in Algeria and the beginning of a new era for the African nation.

Celebrities born on July 10th

July 10 is also the date of birth of many famous personalities. One of the most iconic figures is undoubtedly Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), a Serbian inventor and electrical engineer who made a significant contribution to the development of alternating current. Tesla was one of the pioneers in electricity and technology that started the modern era.

Among other celebrities born on July 10 is the American actress Sofia Vergara, best known for her role in the television series Modern Family. Sofia Vergara has achieved great success both as an actress and as a model, becoming one of the most recognizable personalities in the entertainment world.

Curiosity of 10 July

Apart from historical facts and celebrities, July 10 also offers some interesting facts. For example, in Japan, July 10 is known as Nikudai or Meat Day. On this day, many people gather to feast on meat delicacies and celebrate carnivorous cuisine.

In addition, on July 10, 1925, the famous French writer and poet André Gide was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. Gide is considered one of the most important writers of his time, and his work had a major influence on 20th-century literature.

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