What happens if someone with this disorder drinks alcohol?

There is no way to reverse or cure, Cirrhosis is a disease that damages the liver and its functions.According to the Mayo Clinic, “damage is caused by hepatitis B or C or long-term drinking“.

Leaving aside one important fact, One of the causes of cirrhosis is regular consumption of alcoholic beveragesOthers continued to drink.

However, Drinking the drink will only make it worse, experts confirm Even guide you through one of the harshest conditions. We tell you.

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If your liver fails, your doctor may put you on a waiting list for a liver transplant

It’s worth noting that the liver is responsible for producing bile, which helps digest and break down fats in food.

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Apart from, Store body energy and purify bloodbecause it can filter harmful substances.

The functions performed by this organ are so important to the functioning of the body that “you cannot live with your liver failing. If your liver fails, your doctor may put you on a waiting list for a liver transplant.” Medical Line Plus.

What happens if you drink alcohol with cirrhosis?

U.S. health information sites and providers Healthline Network explained What are the consequences of drinking alcohol for liver cirrhosis.

According to the portal, Drinking these beverages can exacerbate the damage and create greater complications, such as suffering from liver cancer.

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Alternatively, it can be ineligible for liver transplantwhich can lead to death, because without this organ, a person cannot live.

Finally, the site states that drinking alcohol only increased risk of death.

What else can patients with liver cirrhosis not eat?

Although there is currently no cure for cirrhosis, Proper testing and dietary care are important for treatment.

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, people with the disease They cannot “eat shellfish, fish, and raw or undercooked meat.”

In addition, salt and fat or protein intake should be reduced.

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Which alcoholic beverages are the most damaging to the liver?

Note that if you do not have this disease, You have to be careful with the alcohol you drink to avoid this.

According to media reports financialthe alcohols obtained by distillation do more damage.

he The leader is Tequila, mezcal and rum. Next comes vodka, whiskey and gin.

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