What he’s doing! Jennifer Lopez gets up to get off, and if you see it!: “These are the Swarovski crystals!”


February 25, 2020
At 13:46 (CET)

To the limit. At times Jennifer Lopez it leads to the end of their posing for the cameras. As you can see, it is often in your account of Instagram.

The artist is the american in the majority of cases it is much more demure. But it does not save when it is clear from the wardrobe. All to the contrary. He likes to brag about it on the profile type that you get when you’re on the way to the 50 years ago.

The food is balanced and healthy, and the hours of the gym is not ruled out anyone Jennifer. In an effort that few are willing to follow to the letter. And this is why, when you have the opportunity to show you the results.

Jennifer Lopez shows tipazo for the 50th anniversary

It is worth noting that some of the suspects that’s part of its charm is due to the plastic surgeon. On a number of occasions, have been published in the The United States Of America the information that is referred to as their steps in the operating room. But even if it is true, as well, is that you have to keep it up. And JLo you work hard for it.

However, at the time, the intent of the Lopez don’t seem to be showing your body and create a profile. Not for the sophisticated, it has some parts of it. It would be good if it is designed to bring the staff in. It is thus that we find ourselves in the pictures as the one shown below in his account of the Instagram. A shadow that shows you everything, but it doesn’t teach you anything.

Jennifer Lopez teaches us what is under the skirt

In the instant JLo strike a pose with your partner in the romantic, the ex-baseball player Álex Rodriguez. It Álex she grabs hold of her skirt and raises it enough to show you what’s going on underneath.

More specifically, the machined and the cutter posadera, which was covered with a piece of lingerie really special. “These are the Swarovski crystals!”, exclaman to the network. Without a doubt, one of the photos of the most bold and sexy american singer.

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez.