What if…? , a new take on Iron Man’s impressive gladiatorial armor from Season 2.

What if…?, first take a look at Iron Man’s impressive gladiatorial armor from Season 2 of the animated series.

OUR Marvel Studios they have already moved for permanent residence for two years, also for Disney+ and, in addition to a series of live performances Marvel Cinematic Universe releases at the moment, the company has a lot of animation projects that are in development, for this reason it opened a section dedicated exclusively to animation – called Marvel Studios Animation – Explore the potential of this sector.

V 2024 will come Disney+ second wave season What if…?animated series production Marvel Studios which explores completely new and alternative scenarios for the events of various films. The show, inspired by the comic book series of the same name published by Casa delle Idee, features the return of most of the cast fromMarvel Cinematic Universe as voice actors.

Initially the first season of the animated series was to consist of 10 episodes but due to the pandemic COVID-19 one of them, namely the one dedicated to history Tony Stark AND Gamora – was rescheduled for a second season. The absence of this episode caused some doubts among fans when watching the season finale.

Series-inspired LEGO sets have already teased this delayed episode, featuring Tony Stark on Sakaar With Valkyrie after creating and wearing armor inspired by Hulkbusters with clear references to the aesthetics of the planet seen in Thor: Ragnarok (2017) author Taika Waititi.

What if...?

During the panel hot toys To ACGHK extension 2023, a new take on the gladiatorial armor that Tony Stark will be wearing in this episode, scheduled for Season 2, has been revealed. You can find images below:

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