What if The Fat Monty becomes a TV series?


MILAN – Do you remember them? More than twenty-five years have passed since the famous striptease of this group of working-class heroes to the tune You can keep your hat Joe Cocker. Full set- penniless organized, in 1998 was one of the occasions of the year, a small English film capable of reaching Hollywood and earning four Oscar nominations (including Best Picture!) and a statuette for Best Score for Anne Dudley, the third Oscar-winning composer in Academy history. . Now this film, following the mainstream of recent years (from You make them ignorant to recent fatal attraction) also becomes a series in which we will find all the main characters of Peter Cattaneo’s comedy, starting with Gary Schofield aka Gaz (the great Robert Carlisle) and Dave Horsfall (aka Mark Addy, later also ending in Game of Thrones).

The Complete Monty Series
Robert Carlisle, or Gaz, and the Sheffield pigeons in The Full Monty.

Still written by Simon Beaufoy, former screenwriter of the original film, and Oscar winner for Slumdog Millionaire, and again produced by our Uberto Pasolini, the series will start again with Gaz, Dave and the whole company, still in Sheffield. This time they are forced to face another economic crisis and combine work in the areas of health, education and employment. The series, which will air on Disney+ on July 5, will run for eight episodes and will also include the return of Leslie Sharp, Hugo Speer, Paul Barber and Tom Wilkinson, but we’ll also meet Gaza Destiny’s teenage daughter, played by Talitha Wing. .

The Complete Monty Series
Gaz with his daughter, played by Talita Wing.

In a word, almost everything was confirmed by the screenwriter to the cast up to the Italian producer (Pasolini, who later became an excellent director, from machan To Nothing specialwe interviewed him here), the only thing missing is a director, Peter Cattaneo, who has only signed four other films in these twenty-five years and has recently followed the direction of a series such as Magpie killstaken from books Magpie crimes Anthony Horowitz. “For years they’ve been asking us to do a sequel”explained screenwriter Simon Beaufoy, “But I always refused because I knew it couldn’t be better than the original. However, the series allowed me to explore their lives, to better understand them now, when they have already become fathers, grandparents, have children or grandchildren … “. Before becoming a series Full set it was already made into a musical in 2000 by Terrence McNally and has also been brought to Italy several times in the last twenty years….

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