What incurable disease has ex-reality boy Gino Aceretto suffered from over the years?

Gino Assereto has revealed that he suffers from an illness that has his followers worried. skin disease. Which one is it? Here we tell you.

Gino Aceretto suffers from an illness that requires ongoing treatment.

Gino Aceretto suffers from an illness that requires ongoing treatment.

Gino Assereto is one of the most popular reality TV boys this is waras he was one of the first contestants of the program and even for Chat GPT, he was one of the best captains.

However, although Jazmin Pinedo is one of the most famous fighters at the national level, few people know that Jazmin Pinedo’s predecessor suffered from an incurable disease.

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What disease does Gino Aceretto suffer from?

In 2019, Gino Aceretto After participating in an “Esto es guerra” competition, he revealed to the cameras of “América Espectáculos” that he had psoriasis, a skin disease.

“All my wounds are tanned…I have skin problems, psoriasis, and because the skin doesn’t regenerate well, every single one of my wounds looks like ‘yayitas,'” said the popular “Shark” Arcereto.

We have to remember that this disease is a chronic skin disease that evolves in eruptions, characterized by the appearance of red spots with white scales, mainly on the scalp, elbows and knees, causing a certain burning and itching .

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Gino Assereto also suffers from hepatitis

Gino Aceretto He said that in mid-2020, after a series of medical examinations, he was found to have hepatitis.

“Let me tell you, I started not feeling well a few weeks ago and I decided to do some medical tests. Unfortunately, the results came back negative and it came out that I had hepatitis, which kept me bedridden,” the fighter said.

Due to physical reasons, the reality show boy revealed that he has been unable to exercise for nearly a month, so his appearance has changed. “No exercise for 25 days. Thank you hepatitis.” After receiving treatment, “Shark” said.

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How old is Gino Aceretto?

Gino Aceretto Born on April 5, 1985; current age is 38 years old. The popular “Shark” is known nationally for his performances on EEG, but one of his greatest passions is music, and he shares some of his songs with fans whenever he gets the chance.

It should be noted that Gino Some of the songs he has written and sung since the beginning of the year were shown on the show, so some people began to suspect that he would start a music career.

“Thank you for making my life so perfect in 2022. I always tell you that I am a life walker who seeks success, which means to me full happiness and peace of mind, which is what we exist in this world I love my process,” he wrote in the post description of the first video he shared with his fans.

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