What invasion of rats? It could happen in your house due to the coronavirus – News Already


(NEWS SINCE).- The isolation by pandemic coronavirus could complicate things more than they thought and in our own homes with an invasion of ratsaccording to experts warn.

A report of National Geographic notes that residents of several cities have reported sightings of rats in parks and on platforms.

Rats are in search of food.

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The closures of restaurants and offices are having an impact on the mobility of the rats, were his main sources of power and now are forced to seek food in other parts, something for which they are experts.

The odors and leftovers from the restaurantsin addition to the remnants of food in garbage cans or stations of public transport, kept the rats in the large cities.

Now that you don’t have that, your powerful smell the is motivating to go after the food to the homes and once they find a food source will be difficult to get rid of the pest.

“It is a wild animal. Going to look for food in the house,” said Robert Corriganexpert in rodent cities, NatGeoaccording to appointment The Opinion.

In addition to the smell, the rodents have the ability to negotiate your way through small gaps and chew up cablesthanks to the composition of your body.

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“If there’s a baby in a crib with a bottle, they will follow that smell. They can chew wires; they can bring their own virus. The rats in the house are serious,” warned Corrigan.


It is important to protect your home with some simple measuresas have trash containers exterior with lids that close completely and close all holes in doors and walls.

Rats can pass even under the doors, only need a distance of half an inch with the floor, so to lock that small space, I can block the entry of rodents and other animals.

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Also, you can install traps with lureswith the hunger will be more prone to falling into them. If you have more dimension to a cat, this may be your best ally.

However, if you already you detected a pest, it is best to call in the experts. The business of pest control are considered essential and are still working, just make sure ask about the security measures they are taking to protect their employees and customers of the coronavirus.


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