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Before the registry of the infection local coronavirus in Mexicothe deputy minister of health, Hugo López-Gatell, reported that the country is located in Phase 2by what are in effect a series of measures, with the objective to strengthen the healthy distance between the population, in order to control and “bend the curve of transmission.”

Phase 2, however, is not the last that is covered in the fight against the coronavirus. Health authorities explained what are the three phases before the entry of the virus in Mexico and the measures that must be followed in each of them. This Thursday, Lopez-Gatell said that Phase 3 of the coronavirus “is going to give youbut with a healthy distance the spread will be lower”. Therefore, here we will explain to you what it means to Phase 3 and what it is.

Phase 3 against the coronavirus in Mexico: what it means

In Phase 3 registers a spread extensive and thousands of people are affected by the virusin this case the coronavirus. Chains of propagation are difficult to break, which requires strategies more drastic.

  • Measures envisaged: In the stage 3 to coronavirus the mass activities should be suspended, as well as the school, among others.

In this regard, this Thursday, Lopez-Gatell about that there is no doubt that Phase 3 will come, “the maximum transmission, the maximum cases per day; and the risk is to saturate the health system, despite the expansion that has been done with the support of the armed forces”. However, he pointed out, “if the people are not out to the street, then instead of having a curve epidemic immense, we will have a less pronounced, which allow take care of people critically more ill”.

López-Gatell also explained the reasons for a confinement total in Mexico is unfeasibleunlike other countries such as China, Italy, Spain or the united States, which are some of the largest economies in the world. Unlike those countries, he said, although Mexico is the economy’s number 14 in the world, inequality is too much what makes it impossible that the measures of safeguard as quarantine or restriction of mobility of the people to be hardened.

“In Mexico, for many years we have an economic inequality, the half lives in conditions of poverty, it is a documented truth”, he emphasized. “In an economy like the Mexican one you can’t restrict both the social activity, economic activity because it could cause irreparable harm to some people who live from day to day, the 50 per cent of the population lives on the day and do not have the capacity to save, these are the factors that govern decisions in the area of public health.”


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