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What is baby hair, the trend that Zendaya and Camila Cabello showed – Para Ti

If you are tired of “fighting” against the unruly hairs that grow on your forehead, this is the trend you should adopt, which consists of modeling them -with gel, spray or styling creams- and making them an ornamental detail of your hairstyle. We show you how celebrities wear it.

The baby hair became a world trend and we saw several celebrities show it off in the red carpets. It’s a hairstyle originally adopted by African American women What is posible carry in many ways.

Is about accommodate those rebellious hairs that we have on our foreheads (that we always wanted to hide) but that, according to this trend, it is tried to highlight, giving a different finish to the hairstyle.

Zendaya showed this look at the Venice Film Festival, when she attended the premiere of Dune. Photo: Photonoticias

The baby hair is the new, short and thin hair that adopts the nickname of “baby” because it looks like baby hair.

Although they are widely associated with the Afro culture, grows in all heads, although at different rates and in different amounts. Regardless of how much we have or how much it grows, with this trend we can model it and use them as one more accessory.

In the image we see Zendaya who let her hair down, wore a wet look with a stripe in the middle and added as a detail a wavy lock on each side, that goes from the top to just below the temple. With her own hair generated a decorative detail which also frames his face.

How to wear the trend?

Baby hair can be styled with various products. Ideally, use a gel, setting spray, or styling cream to help keep it in place. There are many ways to use it depending on your style and the ways to accommodate it varies. depending on how long and dense you have them

Photo: Internet

Another famous woman who showed this look was Camila Cabello, during the launch of her latest movie, Cinderella. The singer and actress became a style with ethnic airs, modeling the strands as if they were curlers with the help of the gel. He added this detail to a tightly collected hairstyle with side parting.

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