What is drunken skin and how can we cleanse it?

Of course, when you think about drunk skin, when an afternoon with friends turns complicated and you end up having one too many drinks at a trendy bar in your city, the consequences on your face come to mind.Well, honey, don’t go there, because, though When we drink alcohol, our skin suffers and looks duller due to uncontrolled blood sugar spikes.drunken skin By product what do we apply, take care of her.in line with our purposeMaximize hydrationOur skin may not be helping at all, We mix too much and it has the opposite effect positive principle This will make her feel tiredas he explained to us Sonia Ferrero, Byoode beautician. The cosmetics market increasingly offers more advanced technologies and active ingredients, a mixture of all these“more is more” does us no good, Is it the reason why the skin is drunk?. elizabeth san gregorioMedik8’s Technical Director Guarantees This intoxication manifests itself in different ways depending on each person’s genes and lifestyle. and Marta AgustiPure Niche Laboratory Experts, It is recommended that we go to an expert to give us a specialized diagnosis. our skin.

some of hisSymptoms of drunken skin are a dull appearance and visible signs of aging.what happened, as explained Natalia AbelinAmbari Technical Director, cWhen multiple ingredients are mixed with high active loads or very low pH levelsthereby creating an inflammatory process in the skin (whether due to poor diet, stress or saturation with cosmetics). Bella HurtadoBourijour’s technical director guaranteesDrunk skin is also prone to acne breakouts.due to possible lipid gapweakening the skin barrier. Estefania NietoOmorovizca’s technical director explains If we use a richer, more nourishing texture than the skin needs, we may congest it and cause the tissue to suffocate., leading to the appearance of blackheads. Finally, experts suggest, In order to purify our skin, it is recommended to exfoliate, renew the skin and regulate sebum.. It is best for sensitive skin and acne. Add water to them and use something likeCeramidewhich will restore the skin barrier.

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Remember, when taking care of your skin and To avoid skin poisoning, you have to eliminate the “more is more” mentality..

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