What is it and how to fight it?

he acne this is one of them most common body changes and visible a person can show defect in the form of acne formed when increasing androgena hormone that causes increased production of fat.and the infamous opening poresgenerally manifested in the appearance of acne.

Every skin is a world, but if you have a skin type prone to this acne you may have experienced some degree of hypersensitivity. This is so because “acne hypersensitivity is a condition in which the skin is hyperreactive to irritants and acne-causing bacteria,” says Nuria Aluart, a beauty hunter in Mumona.

What is Acne Allergy?

to this hypersensitivity reaction known to be a provocative answer what causes redness, itching and food.In fact, much of what we do for prevention and treatment acne This hypersensitivity may increase, especially when we are exposed to fur arrive different external agents.For example, in summer, in Sunlight. “This overreaction leads to inflammation and grain formation, cyst and noduleshe commented Nuria.

this sensitive skin, family background anyone hormonal changes: puberty, menstruation anyone Pregnantis the reason that affects the development of things acne allergies. in addition, pressurethis diet mine skin care products can increase their incidence.

Why Does Sunlight Exacerbate Acne Allergies?

this ultraviolet rays can damage the skin’s natural barrier, making it more susceptible to Infect and Stimulate. “Sun exposure can lead to increased oil production, which can clog pores and exacerbate acne,” the agency warns. mumona beauty hunter.It is also true that not all insolation it’s not good for him acne.The key is to find a middle point protect the skin of overexposure to UV rays.

What would the perfect routine look like?

“The first thing to remember is that you should always use soft cosmetics that do not: corrosive chemicals, perfume anyone dye“,recommend Nuria Arrouat.Ideally get a specially formulated product sensitive skin anyone Acne.

this conventional It can be broken down into a series of steps to make it as effective as possible.First, from a cleansing foam specific to allergic skin.follow a Exfoliating Tonerand serum. The routine ends differently depending on whether it is morning or evening. Use a protective face cream during the day.night one night serum for extra hydration while resting.

Recommended Products

Calmwise Soothing Cleanser (Medik8). “It’s a product specially developed to care for the most sensitive or ultra-sensitive skin, so it’s formulated without any sensitizing ingredients to help you end up inflammation and redness Leaves skin calm, conditioned and cleansed. ” Nuria.Include Vitamin K2 This helps strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, making it better able to deal with any attack. in addition, sweet orange oil it helps calm and reduce inflammation this most sensitive area.

Press and Clear (Medik8).existSonic Exfoliation suitable because it is made by 2% salicylic acidbut with a pH5.5.The perfect product to treat uneven texture, tone and prevent unevenness acne breakout Suitable for the most sensitive skin. Nuria recommended from adaptation agreement: Apply once a day for the first two weeks, then apply morning and night.

Pure Anti-Blemish Serum (Patyka).it is created by the compound zinc-rich algae thereby hindering the development bacteria and vegetable bisabolol Known for its anti-inflammatory properties.These are beneficial heal blemishes and the markers installed on the skin.

Bioessences Urban Cream Spf50+ (USU Cosmetics). day cream and protection factor, Nicotinamide and Prebiotics.

L’Elixir (scene). “In the evening, I recommend replacing the entire routine with one amazing product, which should be applied after cleansing, panacea for the scene“, he admits Nuria Arrouat.it is night serum 100% created in More than 15 oils Deeply regenerates, brightens and nourishes skin while you rest. Enriched with Baobab Oil, which has softening, soothing, anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties.also safflower oil thereby regenerating skin tissue and cactus oil as Best Natural Antiaging Antioxidants.you must highlight Bakuchiol (Vegan Retinol).

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