What Is It The App Zoom? Alternative Remote sessions, Here is How It Works


TRIBUNNEWS.COM Zoom is an application that provides a conference service remotely by combining video-conferencing, online meetings, instant messaging, collaboration and mobile.

This application belongs to the company, Zoom Video Communications, based in San Jose, California.

This app is widely used routes as a means of long communications.

In connection with the spread of the outbreak of the corona virus in different countries, all municipalities have to start again, thus, social distance or social distance.

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It’s impact on the world of education, the school will be closed to the campus and to learn from e-learning.

However, with the application of this Zoom the long-distance relationship easier.

You can download the Zoom app from Playstore or directly from windows.

How to Download on Playstore

1. Open Playstore on your phone and type in “Zoom Cloud Meetings’.

2. For the latest version of 4.6 and recently 2 updated. March 2020.