What is Klebsiella and how is it spread? 5 keys

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Klebsiella has killed three premature babies, two at Val Hebron Hospital in Barcelona and one at Jose Putruta Hospital in Girona.

1. What is Klebsiella?

Klebsiella-type bacteria are microorganisms found in the human gut. There, bacteria are involved in the digestive process and even help protect the body from germs.

2. When is it dangerous?

This bacteria is dangerous outside the gut. If it gets to other parts of the body, it can cause an infection. Typically, they cause pneumonia, sepsis, wounds, and urinary tract infections. If left unchecked, these infections can kill the patient.

3. What is the difficulty of your treatment?

One of the main problems with this bacterium is that it is difficult to treat because it is resistant to most antibiotics.

4. How is it spread?

The bacteria is usually spread through contact with an infected person’s skin, mucous membranes, feces, wounds or urine. It is also commonly spread through contact with contaminated materials such as catheters, probes, or assisted ventilation or operating room surfaces.

5. Who is most vulnerable?

People with very low defenses (such as premature babies, intensive care patients, etc.) are more susceptible to this bacteria.

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