What is Known About Hepatitis Risk in Lancaster Restaurants | Your Digital Edition of California City

positive for infection.claudiaRace has more details.Claudia: government officialAppeal to residents’ healthlancaster consumptionSale 1 to August 4thGet Hepatitis A Vaccineimmediate.what is hepatitisOh how serious is this?able to passfecal-oral method meanssomeone didn’t wash wellhands after using the toiletthen eat food or prepare foodfood and another person eats it.Claudia: It affectsliver and symptoms mayAppears two to six weeksAfter being exposed.>> The main symptoms arefever, headache, painmalaise, stomach pain,nausea, omission, diarrhea,Hepatitis A can causetake someone to the hospitalClaudia: Rarely saidPatient canno food in restaurantknow whetherpollute?>> It’s hard to tell iffood has been contaminated ifRestaurant has hepatitis,virus during food preparationIt has strong resistance.Claudia: Actually in this respectSarah’s Pizzeria Tell MeAlways make sure that all yourstaff bewarePrevent these situations from happening.>> We try to clean ourevery time we come to the handWe touched money or something in the bathroomfrom outside>> you can go to the doctorFor your viewing appointment have thisVaccines that will protect youforever.Claudia: Yes, not yet

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