What is Kylie Jenner’s color correction technique?

All About Ombre Concealer: Color Correcting Techniques for Better Effects

  1. is one of the social networks new makeup trends All to copy.
  2. it is aboutombre concealer, A special color correction technology that helps Cover dark circles, brighten eyes and give an instant reforming effect.
  3. It was made viral using this trick Kylie Jenner Who wore it for a simple look as well as for a more exclusive look.
  4. And Very simple To become: You just need to equip yourself with a concealer this is a Liquid Blush.
  5. for best results mix well The different gradations towards the top make the magic happen.


credit: @_lovelook_beauty_makeover_19, via @kyliejenner Instagram Ombre concealer has gone viral thanks to Kylie Jenner

more than 7 million views, there is a new trend on TikTok and this time also the credit goes to Kylie Jenner. it is aboutOmbre is concealer and a new viral technique who, using the power of color correction, promises a Radiant look and instant lifting effect, Mystery? make use of Shame along with a sheer concealer, A very light shade of concealer and two different shades of blush, mixed together, allow you to get a High coverage, but also a fresh and radiant look, Do you want to know all the secrets behind this new trend? so let’s get started!

What is ombre concealer?

Ale’ombre concealer The new technology that goes viral on social media has become famous by American entrepreneur and influencer Kylie Jenner. The youngest child of the Kardashian-Jenner household has adapted this technique time and again for simpler and more elaborate beauty looks.

I need a clear coverage concealer and two shades of pink blush

the secret lies in working on a play of light and shadow achieved through the strategic use of Clear coverage concealer and two shades of pink blushOne light and one dark.


credit: @natalia_trojan via Instagram Ombre concealer gives eyes an instant lifting effect

how to make ombre concealer

make ombre concealer it’s very simple and it will be enough for you to equip yourself silky texture concealer, opaque and glossy and of Two different shades of liquid blush, If you want, you can get this effect with just one shade of blush.

as a first step, Apply concealer to the inner corner of the eyes, You can use your traditional concealer, but the ideal is to focus on a light beige shade to illuminate the darkest part of the face.


Credits: @rebihlawata Via Instagram First apply concealer in the inner corner of the eye

As a second step, proceed by applying Liquid blush, first the lightest and then the darkest shade, outwards. The important thing is to create a progressive gradation from lightest to darkest. Choose a blush with a very saturated, intense, luminous color, but without subtle sparkles inside.


credit: @_lovelook_beauty_makeover_19 via Instagram Then apply blush from lightest to darkest

Proceed after applying all products mix well Everything to create a similar effect. mix all products well inside out and then up To create a long line towards the temples for a cat-eye result.


credit: @natalia_trojan via Instagram Blend the products evenly with an appropriate brush.

the end result must be very natural and you will immediately notice a flawless look and with one Instant lifting effect.


credit: @_lovelook_beauty_makeover_19 via @rebihlawata Instagram, the look instantly appears comfortable and radiant

Girls, do you want to know what products are suitable for creating ombre concealer? Then continue reading on page 2.

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