what is played by each team on the penultimate date

Between this Friday and Monday, the 24th date of the Professional League will be played, the penultimate of the championship. And in each of the 13 meetings there will be things at stake: either important points or feelings for confirmed goodbyes or possible. Here, a detail of what is played by each of the 26 teams.

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The scheduling of the date 24.

The scheduling of the date 24.

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Friday 3rd

Central Córdoba) -Union (19.15)

The Railroad needs points thinking about the averages and, also, about closing in the best way a too irregular tournament, now with Rondina on the bench. The Tatengue, for its part, ranks last to go to the South American and wants to defend it tooth and nail against the threat of several.

Colón-Atlético Tucumán (19.15)

While El Sabalero will say goodbye to a special year (that of a title) in his stadium, with his people, he still has a heavy goal ahead of him and it is the Champions Trophy against River (he is already inside the Libertadores). Athletic wants to get up after five losses in a row and seven games without a win.

Velez-Patronato (21.30)

El Fortín plays its last home game in 2021, a year of fruitful harvest at the local level, so much so that it is comfortable second in the annual table (already in Libertadores). What’s more, will fire Ricky Alvarez. The Pattern, as it is very irregular, is another of those that look for points for the average (today it occupies the last position).

Saturday 4th

Scandal in Boca.  Cardona, Villa and Zambrano and the act of indiscipline.

Scandal in Boca. Cardona, Villa and Zambrano and the act of indiscipline.

Arsenal-Boca (17)

Last in the tournament, the ass will try to give itself a joy in his last game in each no less than against a giant. And Boca, convulsed by the indiscipline of Cardona, Villa and Zambrano, will want to ensure at least the Repechage in Libertadores 2022: will achieve it with a victory.

Godoy Cruz-Platense (19.15)

After losing the semifinal of the Argentine Cup, Tomba will seek some relief to return to being the team that was just assumed Diego Flores. And you need points for the average, like a revitalized Platense with Claudio Spontón.

Sarmiento-Workshops (19.15)

The green, very irregular, is another that will seek to add to increase the average facing 2022. In front of it you will have a T in a state of grace: already inside the Libertadores (at least Repechage), swill surely save headlines ahead of the final of the Argentine Cup against Boca.

Hurricane-Racing (21.30)

The Globe, with Kudelka in its sights, must win to continue with any chance -something complicated- to access the South American. Today it is five points away from Unión and Racing, the last two to enter. Precisely the Academy, in the penultimate match of Licha López at the club, will try to win and continue in positions of said Cup.

Lanús-Rosario Central (21.30)

The Garnet will live a special night, since It will be the farewell at Luis Zubeldia’s house… AND wants to secure his place in the South American and dreaming -difficult- with the Libertadores. El Canalla, meanwhile, also wants South American and today it is one point from Racing and Union.

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Sunday 5th

Gorosito, ready for his first La Plata classic.  Fotobaires

Gorosito, ready for his first La Plata classic. Fotobaires

Gymnastics-Students (17)

Nothing less than the classic from La Plata. The Wolf goes for the South American and before the start of the date he is one point behind Racing and Union. El Pincha, meanwhile, You can ensure at least Repechage of the Libertadores. A lot at stake, as usual, on both sides.

Zielinski goes for a classic victory (photo: MARCELO CARROLL)

Zielinski goes for a classic victory (photo: MARCELO CARROLL)

Independent-San Lorenzo (19.15)

Duel of the great in trouble. El Rojo depends on a miracle to enter the Libertadores and he wishes, at least, to seal his access to the South American. The Cyclone, meanwhile, is six points with six at stake from the South American with several teams in between. I mean…

Gallardo greets the fans: will it be his goodbye?  (Photo by ALEJANDRO PAGNI / AFP)

Gallardo greets the fans: will it be his goodbye? (Photo by ALEJANDRO PAGNI / AFP)

River-Defense and Justice (21.30)

It will be a special night at the Monumental because It could be the last of Marcelo Gallardo as coach of the team (Also, it will be Ponzio’s goodbye as a footballer at Liberti). Already champion, River wants to stay oiled ahead of the Champions Trophy against Colón. Defense, meanwhile, comes packed and you want to definitely get into the South American Next year.

Monday 6th

Aldosivi-Argentinos (19.15)

The Shark will seek to continue with the clean and jerk That gave him the arrival of Martín Palermo to the bank and, thus, increase his average. El Bicho, meanwhile, is going for a victory that still keep it with chances to enter the South American (It is two points away from Racing and Unión).

Newell’s-Banfield (21.30)

In Leprosy, the most important thing will be the goodbye of Maximiliano Rodríguez in the Marcelo Bielsa stadium as a player. The Drill will want to hold the raised that he had with the arrival of Diego Dabove.

The annual table (classification to cups)

The annual table.

The annual table.

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