What is prosopagnosia, the disease that Brad Pitt suffers from

On the morning of La 100, at El Club Del Moro, Santiago Del Moro and the whole team talked about the disease he suffers Brad Pitt and of which little was known until now.

The disease suffered by the famous Hollywood actor is called “prosopagnosia”. “He says: there are people who hate me because they think I’m disrespecting them. Prosopagnosia is a rare neurobiological disease that makes it more difficult to associate a face with a name “, the driver began by saying about the disease he suffers. Brad Pitt.

And he added: “People’s names are forgotten after meeting them.” “Maybe I don’t have that fixation. There are people who see you one day and already know everything “, added Del Moro in dialogue with his colleagues and shared:” I never saw a person who had as much fixation on faces as my wife. “

“My wife can see a person for a moment in her life and she will see you in the distance and she will tell you that person is such,” added the driver.

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What is prosopagnosia, the disease that Brad Pitt suffers from

And he detailed about the data that there is about this disease that he suffers Brad Pitt: “They say that Brad Pitt can not identify and notice faces and associate it with a name.”

“It’s not that he doesn’t know you, he doesn’t know your name. He forgets your name, he cannot associate with the face ”, Bebe Sanzo said to the talk. Del Moro said that the actor tries to notice some characteristic feature every time he talks to a person.

In addition, the team said that in 2013, he revealed it for the first time and that with age this condition has worsened, which prevents him from associating faces with their respective names. Obviously this does not happen with his closest affections, but it usually causes problems when they meet new people.

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