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There Medusa Explosion it will accompany the rest of the summer and has already become the trend of the season. But what exactly? Why is it so called? And who is it good for?

Do you want change? You can’t go wrong starting with hair, even more so if in the summer, which requires survival tactics given the intense heat experienced so far. In the hottest time of the year, we try as little as possible loose hairbut who said you have to give up glamour? That’s why they’re talking about the jewel of the hairstyle again: have you ever heard of Medusa Explosion?

Jellyfish bangs what is it
Credits: Ansa – VelvetMag

Increasingly popular choice among celebrities, primarily Dua Lipa who ignited the summer with his performance (also singing) in Barbie. But she’s not the only one to succumb to the summer hair trend. It is called Medusa precisely because it lies neatly on the face and exactly resembles the tentacles of a jellyfish, the course of which leaves unpleasant marks on the skin. But the Medusa bangs are not at all unpleasant, on the contrary, it is a hairstyle reminiscent of the 90s. nostalgia trendvery rundown at the time by divas like Pamela Andersontoday it is also popular in beauty salons.

Everyone is obsessed Medusa Explosion: what is it and why is it the trend of summer 2023

A new version Medusa Explosion it is more streamlined, elegant, chic, it tries to reduce bulk and heaviness, as the fashion of the past demanded, and becomes summer-friendly. Dua Lipa, for example, showed off her new hairdo during her last show at Cannes. The pop star walked the red carpet of the Croisette and presented her first collection Holiday signed in cooperation with Versace. And her hairstyle did not go unnoticed. The bangs in this case fall widely on the forehead and it turns out to be very light and ceremonial.

Jellyfish bangs what is it
Credits: Keke Palmer/Instagram – VelvetMag

Dua Lipa is not the only one who has chosen it as the glamorous jewel of the summer. Also Camila Cabello she has a weakness for curtain bangs, which in this case are longer, thinner, and thinner. Another example is taken from an Instagram account. Keke Palmer, who demonstrated how to emphasize this with a long haircut and a wavy pleat. But who exactly does Medusa Bang look good on? In accordance with Tom Smithhairdresser Evo reportedly birdie: “The Medusa Bang look is perfect for those who want to try bangs but don’t want to lose their full length. This is also a great low-involvement style, as thinner strands can be swept more easily than thicker, coarser bangs.“.

Jellyfish bangs what is it
Credits: Dua Lipa/Instagram – VelvetMag

Everyone can experience it Medusa Explosion. What if you don’t like it anymore? No problem, because it is easy to camouflage and, thanks to its growth, it will simply become a side bun that blends in harmoniously with the rest of the hair. This kind of fringe improves any cut (short, medium, long) and color. Of course, to create Medusa bangs, you need to turn to your trusted stylist, and not improvise a cut with your own hands, primarily because it should be light and thinned.

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